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ICC 2021 - IEEE International Conference on Communications

IEEE ICC is one of the two flagship IEEE conferences in the field of communications; Montreal is to host this conference in 2021. Each annual IEEE ICC conference typically attracts approximately 1,500-2,000 attendees, and will present over 1,000 research works over its duration. As well as being an opportunity to share pioneering research ideas and developments, the conference is also an excellent networking and publicity event, giving the opportunity for businesses and clients to link together, and presenting the scope for companies to publicize themselves and their products among the leaders of communications industries from all over the world.

IECON 2020 - 46th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

IECON is focusing on industrial and manufacturing theory and applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence.

2018 15th IEEE Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC)

IEEE CCNC 2018 will present the latest developments and technical solutions in the areas of home networking, consumer networking, enabling technologies (such as middleware) and novel applications and services. The conference will include a peer-reviewed program of technical sessions, special sessions, business application sessions, tutorials, and demonstration sessions

2018 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE)

FUZZ-IEEE is the top leading conferencein the area of theory and applications of fuzzy logic.

2017 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO)

CLEO is the premier international forum for scientific and technical optics - uniting the fields of lasers and opto-electronics by bringing together all aspects of laser technology, from basic research to industry applications.

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Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on

Experimental and theoretical advances in antennas including design and development, and in the propagation of electromagnetic waves including scattering, diffraction and interaction with continuous media; and applications pertinent to antennas and propagation, such as remote sensing, applied optics, and millimeter and submillimeter wave techniques.

Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE

IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (AWP Letters) will be devoted to the rapid electronic publication of short manuscripts in the technical areas of Antennas and Wireless Propagation.

Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, IEEE Transactions on

Speech analysis, synthesis, coding speech recognition, speaker recognition, language modeling, speech production and perception, speech enhancement. In audio, transducers, room acoustics, active sound control, human audition, analysis/synthesis/coding of music, and consumer audio. (8) (IEEE Guide for Authors) The scope for the proposed transactions includes SPEECH PROCESSING - Transmission and storage of Speech signals; speech coding; speech enhancement and noise reduction; ...

Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on

The theory, design and application of Control Systems. It shall encompass components, and the integration of these components, as are necessary for the construction of such systems. The word `systems' as used herein shall be interpreted to include physical, biological, organizational and other entities and combinations thereof, which can be represented through a mathematical symbolism. The Field of Interest: shall ...

Automation Science and Engineering, IEEE Transactions on

The IEEE Transactions on Automation Sciences and Engineering (T-ASE) publishes fundamental papers on Automation, emphasizing scientific results that advance efficiency, quality, productivity, and reliability. T-ASE encourages interdisciplinary approaches from computer science, control systems, electrical engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, operations research, and other fields. We welcome results relevant to industries such as agriculture, biotechnology, healthcare, home automation, maintenance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, ...

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Affiliate plan of the IEEE engineering management group

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 1965


Affiliate plan of the IEEE engineering management group

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 1965


About this issue

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 1980

A perennial subject of discussion among members of the editorial group of this Transactions and the administrative group of our parent organization — the Engineering Management Society (EMS) of IEEE is: “Why can't we get more papers from practitioners?” For a professional technical society we have had a reasonably good mix of papers from academic researchers and practitioners in industry ...

IEEE code of ethics

IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 1984


Affiliate plan of the IEEE

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Writing and Speech, 1967

The Affiliate Plan, established by the IEEE Board of Directors, enables individuals who are not members of IEEE, but who have an interest in writing and speech, to join the Engineering Writing and Speech Group. Admission as an affiliate requires only membership in a professional society as described below. Affiliate members enjoy all the privileges of the Group except that ...

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