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2016 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detector Workshop (NSS/MIC/RTSD)

The NSS/MIC offers an outstanding opportunity for scientists and engineers interested in the fields of nuclear science, radiation detection, accelerators, high energy physics and astrophysics, and related software to present their latest developments and ideas. The scientific program provides a comprehensive review of the latest developments in technology and covers a wide range of applications from radiation and accelerator instrumentation, new detector materials, to complex detector systems for physical sciences, and advanced imaging systems for biological and medical research.

2015 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS)

Basic Processes in Fully and Partially Ionized Plasmas; Microwave Generation and Plasma Interactions; Charged Particle Beams and Sources; High Energy Density Plasmas and Applications; Industrial, Commercial, and Medical Plasma Applications; Plasma Diagnostics; Pulsed Power and other Plasma Applications.

2007 IEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference (PPPS 2007)

Periodicals related to Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

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Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on

Theory, concepts, and techniques of science and engineering as applied to sensing the earth, oceans, atmosphere, and space; and the processing, interpretation, and dissemination of this information.

Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on

Theory and applications of industrial electronics and control instrumentation science and engineering, including microprocessor control systems, high-power controls, process control, programmable controllers, numerical and program control systems, flow meters, and identification systems.

Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on

Imaging methods applied to living organisms with emphasis on innovative approaches that use emerging technologies supported by rigorous physical and mathematical analysis and quantitative evaluation of performance.

Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on

All aspects of the theory and applications of nuclear science and engineering, including instrumentation for the detection and measurement of ionizing radiation; particle accelerators and their controls; nuclear medicine and its application; effects of radiation on materials, components, and systems; reactor instrumentation and controls; and measurement of radiation in space.

Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on

Plasma science and engineering, including: magnetofluid dynamics and thermionics; plasma dynamics; gaseous electronics and arc technology; controlled thermonuclear fusion; electron, ion, and plasma sources; space plasmas; high-current relativistic electron beams; laser-plasma interactions; diagnostics; plasma chemistry and colloidal and solid-state plasmas.

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Linking plasma chaos to free-electron-laser chaos

ICOPS 2000. IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts. 27th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (Cat. No.00CH37087), 2000

Summary form only given.

The Plasma Science And Technology Initiative

Proceedings of 1994 IEEE 21st International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS), 1994


Radiation effects research: RADECS and NSREC

RADECS 91 First European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Devices and Systems, 1991

The effects of radiation on materials, electronics, and electronic systems as a separate technical discipline is only 30 years old. Although it's early growth was apparent primarily in the United States, as noted from attendance at the IEEE NPSS Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference, since 1978 a steady internationalization of this technical community has been seen.<<ETX>>

MHD simulations of he PBFA-II current toggled plasma opening switch

IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts. 1991 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science, 1991


Nuclear Science

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 1999


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IEEE Standard Criteria for the Design, Installation, and Qualification of Raceway Systems for Class 1E Circuits for Nuclear Power Generating Stations

This standard contains the requirements for the design, installation and qualification of raceway systems for Class 1E circuits external to electric equipment and components for nuclear pwoer generating stations. Since aging and radiation have no known detrimental effects upon metallic raceway systems, and since non-metallic raceway systems are limited to underground or embedded applications, these two environmental conditions are not ...

IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Semiconductor X-Ray Energy Spectrometers