Embedded system

An embedded system is a computer system designed to do one or a few dedicated and/or specific functions often with real-time computing constraints. (Wikipedia.org)

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2021 26th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA )

ETFA focus is on the latest developments and new technologies in the field of industrial and factory automation. The conference aims to exchange ideas with both industry leaders and a variety of experienced researchers, developers, and practitioners from several industries, research institutes, and academia

2020 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and North American Radio Science Meeting

The joint meeting is intended to provide an international forum for the exchange of information on state of the art research in the area of antennas and propagation, electromagnetic engineering and radio science

GLOBECOM 2020 - 2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference

IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) is one of the IEEE Communications Society’s two flagship conferences dedicated to driving innovation in nearly every aspect of communications. Each year, more than 2,900 scientific researchers and their management submit proposals for program sessions to be held at the annual conference. After extensive peer review, the best of the proposals are selected for the conference program, which includes technical papers, tutorials, workshops and industry sessions designed specifically to advance technologies, systems and infrastructure that are continuing to reshape the world and provide all users with access to an unprecedented spectrum of high-speed, seamless and cost-effective global telecommunications services.

2020 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC)

The Conference focuses on all aspects of instrumentation and measurement science andtechnology research development and applications. The list of program topics includes but isnot limited to: Measurement Science & Education, Measurement Systems, Measurement DataAcquisition, Measurements of Physical Quantities, and Measurement Applications.

2020 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON)

The IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) 2020 is the eleventh in a series of conferences that rotate among central locations in IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East and North Africa). EDUCON is one of the flagship conferences of the IEEE Education Society. It seeks to foster the area of Engineering Education under the leadership of the IEEE Education Society.

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Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on

The theory, design and application of Control Systems. It shall encompass components, and the integration of these components, as are necessary for the construction of such systems. The word `systems' as used herein shall be interpreted to include physical, biological, organizational and other entities and combinations thereof, which can be represented through a mathematical symbolism. The Field of Interest: shall ...

Biomedical Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on

The Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems addresses areas at the crossroads of Circuits and Systems and Life Sciences. The main emphasis is on microelectronic issues in a wide range of applications found in life sciences, physical sciences and engineering. The primary goal of the journal is to bridge the unique scientific and technical activities of the Circuits and Systems ...

Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, IEEE Transactions on

Part I will now contain regular papers focusing on all matters related to fundamental theory, applications, analog and digital signal processing. Part II will report on the latest significant results across all of these topic areas.

Communications Magazine, IEEE

IEEE Communications Magazine was the number three most-cited journal in telecommunications and the number eighteen cited journal in electrical and electronics engineering in 2004, according to the annual Journal Citation Report (2004 edition) published by the Institute for Scientific Information. Read more at http://www.ieee.org/products/citations.html. This magazine covers all areas of communications such as lightwave telecommunications, high-speed data communications, personal communications ...

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM Transactions on

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, sequence analysis, comparison and alignment methods; motif, gene and signal recognition; molecular evolution; phylogenetics and phylogenomics; determination or prediction of the structure of RNA and Protein in two and three dimensions; DNA twisting and folding; gene expression and gene regulatory networks; deduction of metabolic pathways; micro-array design and analysis; proteomics; ...

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Dependable embedded systems

2008 6th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics, 2008


Session B5: Reconfigurable computing & embedded systems

2008 3rd International Design and Test Workshop, 2008


Session 10: Embedded Systems

2007 IEEE International High Level Design Validation and Test Workshop, 2007


Accelerating Embedded System Design

2009 22nd International Conference on VLSI Design, 2009


Design patterns for real time and embedded systems

International Multi Topic Conference, 2002. Abstracts. INMIC 2002., 2002

Provides an abstract of the presentation and a brief professional biography of the presenter. The complete presentation was not made available for publication as part of the conference proceedings.

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IEEE.tv Videos

A 28nm, 475mW, 0.4-to-1.7GHz Embedded Transceiver Front-End Enabling High-Speed Data Streaming Within Home Cable Networks: RFIC Industry Showcase
Computing in the Cambrian Era - ICRC 2018 Plenary, Paolo Faraboschi
LPIRC: A Facebook Approach to Benchmarking ML Workload
ICASSP 2011 Trends in Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
Howard Shrobe: Runtime Security Monitor for Real-time Critical System Embedded Applications: WF IoT 2016
Infineon: Innovative Semiconductor Solutions
High Throughput Neural Network based Embedded Streaming Multicore Processors - Tarek Taha: 2016 International Conference on Rebooting Computing
Robotics History: Narratives and Networks Oral Histories: Pradeep Khosla
ISSCC 2012 - Eli Harari Plenary
APEC Speaker Highlights: Robert White, Chief Engineer, Embedded Power
APEC 2015: 3D Packaging
Q&A with Marilyn Wolf: IEEE Rebooting Computing Podcast, Episode 13
Fog Computing Test Bed: Cutting Costs and Latency in Data Transmission - Fog World Congress
KeyTalk with Conor Quinn: Empowering the Electronics Industry - A Power Technology Roadmap - APEC 2017
Media & Women in Technology Panel - Lynnette Reese & Jennifer Elias - WIE ILC 2018
Advanced Capacitive Sensing for Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive Applications - Lecture by Dr. Hans Klein
Fog Computing on the Horizon - Fog World Congress
APEC Exhibitor Showcase - Texas Instruments Power Management
IMS 2012 Microapps - System Simulation Featuring Signal Processing Blocks
3D Power Packaging Made Real with Embedded Component and Substrate Technologies - P.M. Raj, APEC 2018


  • Dependable embedded systems


  • Session B5: Reconfigurable computing & embedded systems


  • Session 10: Embedded Systems


  • Accelerating Embedded System Design


  • Design patterns for real time and embedded systems

    Provides an abstract of the presentation and a brief professional biography of the presenter. The complete presentation was not made available for publication as part of the conference proceedings.

  • Wrong Assumptions and Neglected Areas in Embedded Systems Research

    Today many embedded computer applications are developed under the assumptions that the hardware works always as described in the documentation, the operating system is free of design errors and the clients use the system as specified. These assumptions lead to systems that are fragile - they break if even a single transistor out of a billion transistors chip occasionally malfunctions or a sporadic Heisenbug [J. Gray, 1986] occurs in the operating system.

  • Software Architecture Reliability Analysis Using Failure Scenarios

    We propose a Software Architecture Reliability Analysis (SARA) approach that benefits from both reliability engineering and scenario-based software architecture analysis to provide an early reliability analysis of the software architecture. SARA makes use of failure scenarios that are prioritized with respect to the user-perception in order to provide a severity analysis for the software architecture and the individual components.

  • Analyzing and Re-structuring Product Line Dependencies

    Software product lines have proven to be successful for developing many critical software systems. Sharing thoroughly tested components can greatly improve the quality of individual products. The structuring of commonality and variability in the product line creates dependencies among features and components. Because of the dependencies, individual products may be bloated with features and components not required by the product specification. This increases complexity and resource consumption, affecting product quality negatively. We propose a method for analyzing product line dependencies for identifying unnecessary features. If these features are found, the method also addresses how to correct the situation. Our approach is demonstrated with a running example and our experiences in real industrial cases are discussed.

  • A Computational Model for Inference Chains in Expert Systems

    This paper deals with the calculations performed in the reasoning process of rule-based expert systems, where inference chains are applied. It presents a logic model for representing the rules and the rule base of a given system. Also, the fact base of the same expert system is involved in the logic model. The proposed equivalent representation manifests itself in a logic network. After that, a four-valued logic algebra is introduced. This algebra is used for the calculations where forward chaining is carried out. Next, the notion of line-value justification is described. This operation is applied in the backward chaining process, also on the base of the previously introduced four- valued logic. The paper describes two exact algorithms which serve for the forward and backward chaining processes. These algorithms make it possible to be implemented by a computer program, resulting in an efficient inference engine of an expert system. The achieved result enhances the reliability and usability of the intelligent software systems which is extremely important in embedded environments.

  • A rule-based component customization technique for QoS properties

    Component customization technique is an important part of component-based development (CBD) process. It allows the component to be effectively adapted and reused in diverse applications. However, existing component customization techniques focus on customizing the functionality of a component. Embedded systems generally have strict quality of service (QoS) requirements such as timeliness, memory limitations, output precisions, etc. Currently, customization for the satisfaction of QoS requirements has not been widely addressed. To address the problem, we propose the concept of configurable parameter. A configurable parameter is a constant or a variable defined in a component which, when adjusted, can provide QoS trade-offs. A QoS properties reconfigurable (QoS-R) component is a software component which can be reconfigured either statically or dynamically to provide desired QoS tradeoffs. In this paper, we present our current results in developing a new, systematic code parameterization technique which focuses on identifying configurable parameters in components and converting them into QoSR components.

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