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2023 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Conference (EMBC)

The conference program will consist of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops and invitedsessions of the latest significant findings and developments in all the major fields of biomedical engineering.Submitted full papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted high quality papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions,will appear in the Conference Proceedings and will be indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE.

2020 22nd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'20 ECCE Europe)

Energy conversion and conditioning technologies, power electronics, adjustable speed drives and their applications, power electronics for smarter grid, energy efficiency,technologies for sustainable energy systems, converters and power supplies

2020 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC)

APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. Not just a power designer’s conference, APEC has something of interest for anyone involved in power electronics including:- Equipment OEMs that use power supplies and converters in their equipment- Designers of power supplies, dc-dc converters, motor drives, uninterruptable power supplies, inverters and any other power electronic circuits, equipments and systems- Manufacturers and suppliers of components and assemblies used in power electronics- Manufacturing, quality and test engineers involved with power electronics equipment- Marketing, sales and anyone involved in the business of power electronic- Compliance engineers testing and qualifying power electronics equipment or equipment that uses power electronics

2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM)

All topics related to engineering and technology management, including applicable analytical methods and economical/social/human issues to be considered in making engineering decisions.

GLOBECOM 2020 - 2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference

IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) is one of the IEEE Communications Society’s two flagship conferences dedicated to driving innovation in nearly every aspect of communications. Each year, more than 2,900 scientific researchers and their management submit proposals for program sessions to be held at the annual conference. After extensive peer review, the best of the proposals are selected for the conference program, which includes technical papers, tutorials, workshops and industry sessions designed specifically to advance technologies, systems and infrastructure that are continuing to reshape the world and provide all users with access to an unprecedented spectrum of high-speed, seamless and cost-effective global telecommunications services.

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Engineering Management Review, IEEE

Reprints articles from other publications of significant interest to members. The papers are aimed at those engaged in managing research, development, or engineering activities. Reprints make it possible for the readers to receive the best of today's literature without having to subscribe to and read other periodicals.

Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on

All telecommunications, including telephone, telegraphy, facsimile, and point-to-point television, by electromagnetic propagation, including radio; wire; aerial, underground, coaxial, and submarine cables; waveguides, communication satellites, and lasers; in marine, aeronautical, space, and fixed station services; repeaters, radio relaying, signal storage, and regeneration; telecommunication error detection and correction; multiplexing and carrier techniques; communication switching systems; data communications; communication theory; and wireless communications.

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Session MP8a2: Wireless network management

2008 42nd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 2008


Session TP6: Interference management and cooperative communication in ad-hoc networks

2008 42nd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 2008


Modernization of the Pyroprocessing System at Essroc's Nazareth I Plant

IEEE Cement Industry Technical Conference,, 1992


HICSS-33 Evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of information systems

Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2000


Indexing repositories

2009 15th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems, 2009


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APEC 2011 Conference Organizers
NIKSUN World Wide Security & Mobility Conference 2011-B Lyons
ISSCC 2012 - Carmelo Papa Plenary
Kazunori Iwasa: Challenges in Controlling Data Center Facilities - IoT Challenges Industry Forum Panel: WF IoT 2016
Archana Geggalapally from Qualcomm at WIE ILC 2016
David Kravitz: Blockchain-Compatible Identity and Access Management for IoT - Special Session on SIoT: WF-IoT 2016
Big Data Panelist - AJ Bubb: 2016 Technology Time Machine
Project Management with Ed Palacio
Lawrence Latham: Level Setting the IoT Market and LPWA’s Role - LPWAN Industry Forum Panel: WF-IoT 2016
Q&A: David Kravitz - Special Session on SIoT: WF-IoT 2016
Crisis or Opportunity?: The Economic Impact on Underrepresented Communities - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series
The Path to Robust Machine Learning: IEEE TechEthics Keynote with Richard Mallah
EDOC 2010 - Sylvain Halle - Best Paper Presentation
Lillie Coney on the IoT and the Ability to Defend Against the Silent Intruder: 2016 End to End Trust and Security Workshop for the Internet of Things
Stan Schneider: Complexity Management in the Industrial IoT - IoT Challenges Industry Forum Panel: WF IoT 2016
Tech Super Stars Panelist - John Graham: 2016 Technology Time Machine
Tech Super Stars Panelist - Marc Bracken: 2016 Technology Time Machine
International Workshop on NFV, SDN, & LPWAN: HPSR 2020 Virtual Conference
CCL Panel with Patty Burke & Kelly Simmons - IEEE WIE ILC 2020 Virtual Series
Nebbiolo Technologies Pitch: Fog Tank - Fog World Congress


  • Session MP8a2: Wireless network management


  • Session TP6: Interference management and cooperative communication in ad-hoc networks


  • Modernization of the Pyroprocessing System at Essroc's Nazareth I Plant


  • HICSS-33 Evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of information systems


  • Indexing repositories


  • The 1stinternational workshop on data and services management in mobile environments (DS2ME’08)


  • Adapting Batch Learning Algorithms Execution in Ubiquitous Devices

    In order to provide context aware, adaptive, and anticipatory services, data mining services are required to provide them with intelligence. The data mining could be either executed in a central server or locally. In either case, adaptability to the changing environment is required. In the stream mining scenario, some solutions have been proposed to provide mechanisms to adapt the execution to available resources and context. Here, we propose a cost model mechanism to adapt the algorithm execution according to available resources and context information for the case of static data. The mechanism based on analyzing efficacy and efficiency (EE-Model) of the algorithm, is a two step process in which first the efficiency and efficacy of the algorithm are calculated for predefined algorithm configurations and dataset input. In a second step, taking into account the available resources and context, the best configuration of the algorithm is chosen. The paper describes the mechanism and presents an EE-Model instantiation for C4.5 algorithm. Further, we demonstrate the convenience of the proposed approach with a simulation of synthetic data.

  • The Evaluation Study of Enterprise's Knowledge Management Ability Based on AHP-GM

    Knowledge management is the main source of enterprise's core competitiveness, and it plays an important role in improving enterprise's knowledge management platform and enhancing the level of knowledge management and competitive advantage of enterprises. First, the paper constructs a comprehensive evaluation index system of enterprise's knowledge management ability; second, by the use of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and grey correlation theory, the paper puts forward a grey correlation comprehensive evaluation model; third, with an example, the paper calculates the knowledge management ability of the enterprise by using this model.

  • A group signature scheme with revocation

    A group signature scheme allows any group member to sign on behalf of the group in an anonymous and unlinkable fashion. In the event of a dispute, a designated trusted entity can reveal the identity of the signer. In this paper we propose a revocation method for group signatures based on the group signature scheme from C. Popescu., (2000). This method requires no time periods and offers constant length signatures.

  • SWAN: A Swarm Intelligence Based Framework for Network Management of IP Networks

    This research paper presents a swarm-intelligence based architecture for network management of IP networks which attempts to alleviate the shortcomings of traditional network management software like scalability, performance, accuracy, single point-of-failure and extensibility. The proposed architecture draws inspiration from the management of beehives by worker bees and the queen bee in the animal kingdom, utilizing and extending that model to perform network management in a more effective and efficient manner.

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