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2021 IEEE Pulsed Power Conference (PPC)

The Pulsed Power Conference is held on a biannual basis and serves as the principal forum forthe exchange of information on pulsed power technology and engineering.

ICC 2021 - IEEE International Conference on Communications

IEEE ICC is one of the two flagship IEEE conferences in the field of communications; Montreal is to host this conference in 2021. Each annual IEEE ICC conference typically attracts approximately 1,500-2,000 attendees, and will present over 1,000 research works over its duration. As well as being an opportunity to share pioneering research ideas and developments, the conference is also an excellent networking and publicity event, giving the opportunity for businesses and clients to link together, and presenting the scope for companies to publicize themselves and their products among the leaders of communications industries from all over the world.

GLOBECOM 2020 - 2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference

IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) is one of the IEEE Communications Society’s two flagship conferences dedicated to driving innovation in nearly every aspect of communications. Each year, more than 2,900 scientific researchers and their management submit proposals for program sessions to be held at the annual conference. After extensive peer review, the best of the proposals are selected for the conference program, which includes technical papers, tutorials, workshops and industry sessions designed specifically to advance technologies, systems and infrastructure that are continuing to reshape the world and provide all users with access to an unprecedented spectrum of high-speed, seamless and cost-effective global telecommunications services.


An OCEANS conference is a major forum for scientists, engineers, and end-users throughout the world to present and discuss the latest research results, ideas, developments, and applications in all areas of oceanic science and engineering. Each conference has a specific theme chosen by the conference technical program committee. All papers presented at the conference are subsequently archived in the IEEE Xplore online database. The OCEANS conference comprises a scientific program with oral and poster presentations, and a state of the art exhibition in the field of ocean engineering and marine technology. In addition, each conference can have tutorials, workshops, panel discussions, technical tours, awards ceremonies, receptions, and other professional and social activities.

  • OCEANS 2005 - EUROPE


  • OCEANS 2007 - EUROPE

    The theme 'Marine Challenges: Coastline to Deep Sea' focuses on the significant challenges, from the shallowest waters around our coasts to the deepest subsea trenches, that face marine, subsea and oceanic engineers in their drive to understand the complexities of the world's oceans.

  • OCEANS 2008 - MTS/IEEE Kobe Techno-Ocean

  • OCEANS 2009 - EUROPE

  • OCEANS 2010 IEEE - Sydney

  • OCEANS 2011 - SPAIN

    All Oceans related technologies.

  • OCEANS 2012 - YEOSU

    The OCEANS conferences covers four days with tutorials, exhibits and three days of parallel tracks that address all aspects of oceanic engineering.

  • OCEANS 2013 - NORWAY

    Ocean related technologies. Program includes tutorials, three days of technical papers and a concurrent exhibition. Student poster competition.

  • OCEANS 2014 - TAIPEI

    The OCEANS conference covers all aspects of ocean engineering from physics aspects through development and operation of undersea vehicles and equipment.

  • OCEANS 2015 - Genova

    The Marine Technology Society and the Oceanic Engineering Society of IEEE cosponsor a joint annual conference and exposition on ocean science, engineering and policy. The OCEANS conference covers four days. One day for tutorials and three for approx. 450 technical papers and 50-200 exhibits.

  • OCEANS 2016 - Shanghai

    Papers on ocean technology, exhibits from ocean equipment and service suppliers, student posters and student poster competition, tutorial on ocean technology, workshops and town hall meetings on policy and governmental process.

  • OCEANS 2017 - Aberdeen

    Papers on ocean technology, exhibits from ocean equipment and service suppliers, student posters and student poster competition, tutorials on ocean technology, workshops and town hall meetings on policy and governmental process.

  • 2018 OCEANS - MTS/IEEE Kobe Techno-Ocean (OTO)

    The conference scope is to provide a thematic umbrella for researchers working in OCEAN engineering and related fields across the world to discuss the problems and potential long term solutions that concernnot only the oceans in Asian pacific region, but the world ocean in general.

  • OCEANS 2019 - Marseille

    Research, Development, and Operations pertaining to the Oceans

2020 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)

The 2020 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC 2020) will be held in Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. SMC 2020 is the flagship conference of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society. It provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners to report most recent innovations and developments, summarize state-of-the-art, and exchange ideas and advances in all aspects of systems science and engineering, human machine systems, and cybernetics. Advances in these fields have increasing importance in the creation of intelligent environments involving technologies interacting with humans to provide an enriching experience and thereby improve quality of life. Papers related to the conference theme are solicited, including theories, methodologies, and emerging applications. Contributions to theory and practice, including but not limited to the following technical areas, are invited.

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Communications Letters, IEEE

Covers topics in the scope of IEEE Transactions on Communications but in the form of very brief publication (maximum of 6column lengths, including all diagrams and tables.)

Communications Magazine, IEEE

IEEE Communications Magazine was the number three most-cited journal in telecommunications and the number eighteen cited journal in electrical and electronics engineering in 2004, according to the annual Journal Citation Report (2004 edition) published by the Institute for Scientific Information. Read more at This magazine covers all areas of communications such as lightwave telecommunications, high-speed data communications, personal communications ...


Computer, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society, publishes peer-reviewed technical content that covers all aspects of computer science, computer engineering, technology, and applications. Computer is a resource that practitioners, researchers, and managers can rely on to provide timely information about current research developments, trends, best practices, and changes in the profession.

Computers, IEEE Transactions on

Design and analysis of algorithms, computer systems, and digital networks; methods for specifying, measuring, and modeling the performance of computers and computer systems; design of computer components, such as arithmetic units, data storage devices, and interface devices; design of reliable and testable digital devices and systems; computer networks and distributed computer systems; new computer organizations and architectures; applications of VLSI ...

Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on

Publishes original and significant contributions relating to the theory, design, performance and reliability of electron devices, including optoelectronics devices, nanoscale devices, solid-state devices, integrated electronic devices, energy sources, power devices, displays, sensors, electro-mechanical devices, quantum devices and electron tubes.

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IEEE Guide for Gas-Insulated Substations

This guide provides information of special relevance to the planning, design, testing, installation, operation and maintenance of gas-insulated substations(GIS) and equipment. This guide is intended to supplement IEEE Std C37-122- 1993(R2002). In general, this guide is applicable to all GIS above 52 kV. However the importance of the topics covered varies with application category. For example, issues related to advanced ...

IEEE Recommended Practice for Naming Time Sequence Data Files

This recommended practice defines a procedure for naming time sequence data (TSD) files that originate from digital protection and measurement devices, such as transient data records, event sequences, and periodic data logs. The filename includes, among other features, key portions of the information contained in the file, including, but not limited to, the names of the circuit, substation and recording ...

IEEE Recommended Practice on Software Reliability

Software reliability (SR) models have been evaluated and ranked for their applicability to various situations. Many improvements have been made in SR modeling and prediction since 1992. This revised recommended practice reflects those advances in SR since 1992, including modeling and prediction for distributed and network systems. Situation specific usage guidance was refined and updated. The methodologies and tools included ...