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2014 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC 2014

APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. The conference addresses issues of immediate and long term inportance to the participating power electronics engineer.

2012 7th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA)

Industrial Informatics, Computational Intelligence, Control and Systems, Energy and Environment, Mechatronics, Power Electronics, Signal Processing, Network and Communication Technologies.

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Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on

Theory and applications of industrial electronics and control instrumentation science and engineering, including microprocessor control systems, high-power controls, process control, programmable controllers, numerical and program control systems, flow meters, and identification systems.

Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on

Fundamental technologies used in the control and conversion of electric power. Topics include dc-to- dc converter design, direct off-line switching power supplies, inverters, controlled rectifiers, control techniques, modeling, analysis and simulation techniques, the application of power circuit components (power semiconductors, magnetics, capacitors), and thermal performance of electronic power systems.

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A Switching Control Strategy for Single- and Dual-Inductor Current-Fed Push–Pull Converters

Nayanasiri, D.R.; Foo, G.H.B.; Vilathgamuwa, D.M.; Maskell, D.L. Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on, 2015

A switching control strategy is proposed for single- and dual-inductor current-fed push-pull converters. The proposed switching control strategy can be used with both current-fed push-pull converters with an active voltage doubler rectifier, or active rectifier, in the secondary-side of the isolation transformer. The proposed switching control strategy makes turn-on and turn- off processes of the primary-side power switches zero-voltage switching ...

A high efficiency high power step-up resonant switched-capacitor converter for offshore wind energy systems

Wu Chen; Huang, A.; Chushan Li; Gangyao Wang Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), 2012 IEEE, 2012

Offshore wind farm with an internal medium voltage DC (MVDC)-grid collection connected to high voltage direction current (HVDC) transmission is a promising option for the development of high power long distance offshore wind farms. Medium voltage high power DC/DC converters with high step-up conversion ration are the key components in these electrical systems. This paper presents a high efficiency step-up ...

Analysis of transfer ratio limitations in auxiliary resonant commutated pole converters

Teichmann, R.; Gueldner, H. Power Electronics Congress, 2000. CIEP 2000. VII IEEE International, 2000

The decline in the DC-bus utilization due to the ARCP (auxiliary resonant commutated pole) soft switching technique is analyzed for single-phase and three phase AC/AC converters. Duty cycle boundaries and deviations from the theoretically predicted transfer ratio are derived for topologically different ARCP arrangements. The impact of the proper selection of the resonant parameters on the system design is discussed

A novel control scheme for voltage multiplier based X-ray power supply

Iqbal, Shahid; Besar, R.; Venkataseshaiah, C. Electrical Engineering, 2008. ICEE 2008. Second International Conference on, 2008

A dual-mode input voltage modulation (IVM) control scheme for a three-phase ZCS series resonant (SR) inverter fed three-phase voltage multiplier based DC- DC converter for X-ray power generator is proposed. The three-phase ZCS SR inverter is formed by connecting three single-phase ZCS SR inverters in parallel and delaying the gating signals by 120deg with respect to each other. It operates ...

Improved ZCS-PWM commutation cell for IGBTs application

Chien-Ming Wang; Su, Juing-Huei; Chia-Hao Yang Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on, 2004

An improved zero-current-switching pulsewidth-modulated (ZCS-PWM) commutation cell is presented, which is suitable for high-power applications using insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) as the power switches. It provides ZCS operation for active switches and zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) operation for passive switches. Besides operating at constant frequency and reducing commutation losses, the proposed ZCS-PWM switch cell has no additional current stress and conduction ...

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