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2019 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC)

The conference program will consist of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops andinvitedsessions of the latest significant findings and developments in all the major fields ofbiomedical engineering.Submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted high quality paperswill be presented in oral and postersessions, will appear in the Conference Proceedings and willbe indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE & IEEE Xplore

2019 49th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN)

Promote the exchange of ideas between academia and industry in the field of computer and networks dependability

2019 IEEE 15th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE)

The conference is the primary forum for cross-industry and multidisciplinary research in automation. Its goal is to provide a broad coverage and dissemination of foundational research in automation among researchers, academics, and practitioners.

2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT)

The scope of the conference will cover, but will not be limited to, the following topics: Robotics; Mechatronics; Industrial Automation; Autonomous Systems; Sensing and artificial perception, Actuators and Micro-nanotechnology; Signal/Image Processing and Computational Intelligence; Control Systems; Electronic System on Chip and Embedded Control; Electric Transportation; Power Electronics; Electric Machines and Drives; Renewable Energy and Smart Grid; Data and Software Engineering, Communication; Networking and Industrial Informatics.

2019 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC)

This conference is the annual premier meeting on the use of instrumentation in the Nuclear and Medical fields. The meeting has a very long history of providing an exciting venue for scientists to present their latest advances, exchange ideas, renew existing collaboration and form new ones. The NSS portion of the conference is an ideal forum for scientists and engineers in the field of Nuclear Science, radiation instrumentation, software engineering and data acquisition. The MIC is one of the most informative venues on the state-of-the art use of physics, engineering, and mathematics in Nuclear Medicine and related imaging modalities, such as CT and increasingly so MRI, through the development of hybrid devices

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Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE

IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (AWP Letters) will be devoted to the rapid electronic publication of short manuscripts in the technical areas of Antennas and Wireless Propagation.

Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on

Contains articles on the applications and other relevant technology. Electronic applications include analog and digital circuits employing thin films and active devices such as Josephson junctions. Power applications include magnet design as well asmotors, generators, and power transmission

Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on

Broad coverage of concepts and methods of the physical and engineering sciences applied in biology and medicine, ranging from formalized mathematical theory through experimental science and technological development to practical clinical applications.

Communications Magazine, IEEE

IEEE Communications Magazine was the number three most-cited journal in telecommunications and the number eighteen cited journal in electrical and electronics engineering in 2004, according to the annual Journal Citation Report (2004 edition) published by the Institute for Scientific Information. Read more at This magazine covers all areas of communications such as lightwave telecommunications, high-speed data communications, personal communications ...

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE

Each tutorial reviews currents communications topics in network management and computer and wireless communications. Available tutorials, which are 2.5 to 5 hours in length contains the original visuals and voice-over by the presenter. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials features two distinct types of articles: original articles and reprints. The original articles are exclusively written for IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials ...

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Personal communication services: expanding the freedom to communicate

[{u'author_order': 1, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'S. Ginn', u'id': 37376559800}] IEEE Communications Magazine, 1991

Discusses the potential of personal communication services, which allows communication from person to person, regardless of physical location, to change the way people live and work. The problem of spectrum scarcity is examined, and some proposals for increasing the efficiency of spectrum use are presented.<<ETX>>

Technology '89: minis and mainframes

[{u'author_order': 1, u'full_name': u'G. Zorpette'}] IEEE Spectrum, 1989

Advances in multiprocessor architectures during 1988 are surveyed, focusing on minis and mainframes offered by various manufacturers. IBM's efforts to consolidate and bring order to its mutually incompatible intermediate computer lines: the System/36 and/38 computers at the low end and the higher performing 9370s, 4361s, and 4381s, are highlighted. Prospects for superminicomputers are discussed.<<ETX>>

Construction aspects of intelligent buildings

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'Shimizu Corp., Tokyo, Japan', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'S. Fujie', u'id': 38163242200}, {u'author_order': 2, u'affiliation': u'Shimizu Corp., Tokyo, Japan', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Y. Mikami', u'id': 38165425300}] IEEE Communications Magazine, 1991

Design issues for intelligent buildings are examined from the viewpoint of the Japanese construction industry. Cultural considerations for such buildings are discussed, with emphasis on the creation of amenities for the human occupants of the building. The need for an infrastructure that is adaptable to future needs is stressed. As an example, a recently built office tower is described.<<ETX>>

III-V and Related Compound Material Devices and Circuits: Technical and Marketing Situation

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'United Monolithic Semiconductors', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'H. Dambkes', u'id': 37079229500}] 28th European Solid-State Device Research Conference, 1998


Improving Fault Tolerance by Virtualization and Software Rejuvenation

[{u'author_order': 1, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Thandar Thein', u'id': 37408064100}, {u'author_order': 2, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Sung-Do Chi', u'id': 37345655400}, {u'author_order': 3, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Jong Sou Park', u'id': 37293300800}] 2008 Second Asia International Conference on Modelling & Simulation (AMS), 2008

The phenomenon that the state of software degrades with time is known as software aging. The primary method to fight aging is software rejuvenation. This paper presents new ways of effective software rejuvenation using virtualization for addressing software aging. This new approach is meant to be the less disruptive as possible for the running service and to get a zero ...

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