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The (ortho-) sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is one of the three parts of the autonomic nervous system, along with the enteric and parasympathetic systems. (

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2018 28th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA)

The purpose of the conference is to create a discussion forum for researchers, academics, people in industry, and students who are interested in the latest development in the area of electronics, signal processing and applications, information technologies, and related disciplines.

2018 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

The conference program will consist of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops and invitedsessions of the latest significant findings and developments in all the major fields of biomedical engineering.Submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted high quality papers will be presented in oral and postersessions, will appear in the Conference Proceedings and will be indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE

2018 IEEE 20th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom)

IEEE Healthcom 2018 aims at bringing together interested parties from around the world working in the healthcare field to exchange ideas, discuss innovative and emerging solutions, and develop collaborations.

2018 IEEE EMBS International Conference on Biomedical & Health Informatics (BHI)

BHI is "informatics for smart, precision and preventive medicine."

2018 IEEE International Conference on Automation, Quality and Testing, Robotics (AQTR)

AQTR 2018 is intended to be an international forum for researchers in the field of automation, quality, testing and robotics. It will bring together equipment manufacturers, software developers and end-users to discuss the current trends and future directions of control and testing technologies and their industrial and social applications in the private and the public sectors. Active participation of students and graduate students is strongly encouraged.

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Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on

Broad coverage of concepts and methods of the physical and engineering sciences applied in biology and medicine, ranging from formalized mathematical theory through experimental science and technological development to practical clinical applications.

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM Transactions on

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, sequence analysis, comparison and alignment methods; motif, gene and signal recognition; molecular evolution; phylogenetics and phylogenomics; determination or prediction of the structure of RNA and Protein in two and three dimensions; DNA twisting and folding; gene expression and gene regulatory networks; deduction of metabolic pathways; micro-array design and analysis; proteomics; ...

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, IEEE

Both general and technical articles on current technologies and methods used in biomedical and clinical engineering; societal implications of medical technologies; current news items; book reviews; patent descriptions; and correspondence. Special interest departments, students, law, clinical engineering, ethics, new products, society news, historical features and government.

Proceedings of the IEEE

The most highly-cited general interest journal in electrical engineering and computer science, the Proceedings is the best way to stay informed on an exemplary range of topics. This journal also holds the distinction of having the longest useful archival life of any EE or computer related journal in the world! Since 1913, the Proceedings of the IEEE has been the ...

Sensors Journal, IEEE

The Field of Interest of the IEEE Sensors Journal is the science and applications of sensing phenomena, including theory, design, and application of devices for sensing and transducing physical, chemical, and biological phenomena. The emphasis is on the electronics, physics, biology, and intelligence aspects of sensors and integrated sensor-actuators. (IEEE Guide for Authors) (The fields of interest of the IEEE ...

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A Novel PBPK/PD Model with Automatic Nervous System in Anesthesia

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'Department of Biotechnology, Zhejiang University, Hang Zhou, 310027, P.R. China', u'full_name': u'Hang Chen'}, {u'author_order': 2, u'full_name': u'Xuan Wang'}, {u'author_order': 3, u'full_name': u'Xin-zhong Chen'}] 2005 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology 27th Annual Conference, 2006

In terms of the characteristic of anesthetic operation, this paper propose new physiologically based pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics (PBPK/PD) model that focus on the important role of autonomic nervous system (ANS) more. Automatic nervous system that is divided into the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system, at the same time, is the important target of drug effect in anesthesia. Consequently, ...

Component analysis of heart rate variability spectra and mental load

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'National Defense Academy', u'full_name': u'Y. Noguchi'}, {u'author_order': 2, u'full_name': u'S. Sugimoto'}, {u'author_order': 3, u'full_name': u'H. Kobayashi'}, {u'author_order': 4, u'full_name': u'M. Kobayashi'}] Proceedings of the 15th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Societ, 1993


Non-linear Analysis of Cardiac Autonomic Nervous Activity using Principal Dynamic Fluctuation Analysis

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'School of ECE, Government College of Technology, Anna University, Coimbatore Chennai. 600 025', u'full_name': u'C. Shanthi'}, {u'author_order': 2, u'full_name': u'N. Kumaravel'}] 2005 Annual IEEE India Conference - Indicon, 2005

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a marker of sympathovagal balance of Autonomous Nervous System (ANS). The homeostasis of the cardiovascular system is properly maintained by the efficient interaction of parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. The efficiency of such interactions is understood from the computations of the ratio of the sympathetic to parasympathetic spectral powers. This paper introduces a modified Principal ...

Fatigue In Multiple Sclerosis Using Heart Rate Variability

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'N.J. Institute of Tech.', u'full_name': u'S. Reisman'}, {u'author_order': 2, u'full_name': u'W. Tapp'}, {u'author_order': 3, u'full_name': u'T. Findley'}, {u'author_order': 4, u'full_name': u'P. Zhang'}] Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Volume 13: 1991, 1991


Effects of selective parasympathetic blockade with atropine on power spectral analysis of heart rate variability during subarachnoid block

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'Dept. of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong', u'full_name': u'L.A.H. Critchley'}, {u'author_order': 2, u'full_name': u'J.A.J.H. Critchley'}, {u'author_order': 3, u'full_name': u'Y.H. Tam'}] Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Vol.20 Biomedical Engineering Towards the Year 2000 and Beyond (Cat. No.98CH36286), 1998

Power spectral analysis (PSA) of heart rate variability (HRV) is being used to assess autonomic function. We have examined the effect on HRV-PSA of subarachnoid block (SAB) and acute selective block of the vagus (parasympathetic) by intravenous atropine. Six patients, aged 64-83 years, received SAB. Atropine (0.6 mg) was given after 30 minutes. Using the electrocardiogram signal, PSA was performed ...

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