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Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on

Science and technology related to the basic physics and engineering of magnetism, magnetic materials, applied magnetics, magnetic devices, and magnetic data storage. The Transactions publishes scholarly articles of archival value as well as tutorial expositions and critical reviews of classical subjects and topics of current interest.

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Optical Tablature Recognition (OTR) system: Using Fourier Descriptors as a recognition tool

Lee Ling Wei; Salih, Q.A.; Ho Sooi Hock Audio, Language and Image Processing, 2008. ICALIP 2008. International Conference on, 2008

This paper presents an optical recognition system for the guitar tablature. Images of guitar tablature are fed as input to the system whereby each image undergoes four main stages of processing to produce a music output in MIDI format. Algorithms both existing and self-devised were used. Each input image was first cropped to the desired region, followed by a process ...

Projection based segmentation of musical sheets

Marinai, S.; Nesi, P. Document Analysis and Recognition, 1999. ICDAR '99. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on, 1999

The automatic recognition of music scores is a key process for the electronic treatment of music information. In this paper we present the segmentation module of an OMR system. The proposed approach is based on the use of projection profiles for the location of elementary symbols that constitute the music notation. An extensive experimentation was made which the help of ...

Optimising static workload allocation in multiclusters

Ligang He; Jarvis, S.A.; Spooner, D.P.; Nudd, Graham R. Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2004. Proceedings. 18th International, 2004

Summary form only given. Workload allocation and job dispatching are two fundamental components in static job scheduling for distributed systems. We address the static workload allocation techniques for two types of job stream in multicluster systems, namely, nonreal-time job streams and soft-real-time job streams, which request different qualities of service. Two workload allocation strategies (called ORT and OMR) are developed ...

Automatic selection of the region of interest in ancient scores

Barbancho, I.; Segura, C.; Tardon, L.J.; Barbancho, A.M. MELECON 2010 - 2010 15th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, 2010

In this paper, an automatic system for the extraction of the region of interest in ancient scores is presented. The system is able to separate the image into two pages, when needed, then, using images that contain one page of score, the method performs a correction of the rotation before estimating the region of interest. For the estimation of the ...

A Document Analysis System for Supporting Electronic Voting Research

Lopresti, D.; Nagy, G.; Smith, E.B. Document Analysis Systems, 2008. DAS '08. The Eighth IAPR International Workshop on, 2008

As a result of well-publicized security concerns with direct recording electronic (DRE) voting, there is a growing call for systems that employ some form of paper artifact to provide a verifiable physical record of a voter's choices. In this paper, we present a system we are developing to support a multi-institution, cross-disciplinary research project examining issues that arise when paper ...

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