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Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on

Science and technology related to the basic physics and engineering of magnetism, magnetic materials, applied magnetics, magnetic devices, and magnetic data storage. The Transactions publishes scholarly articles of archival value as well as tutorial expositions and critical reviews of classical subjects and topics of current interest.

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Musical image compression

Bainbridge, D.; Inglis, S. Data Compression Conference, 1998. DCC '98. Proceedings, 1998

Optical music recognition aims to convert the vast repositories of sheet music in the world into an on-line digital format. In the near future it will be possible to assimilate music into digital libraries and users will be able to perform searches based on a sung melody in addition to typical text-based searching. An important requirement for such a system ...

An Opportunistic Multi Rate MAC for reliable H.264/AVC video streaming over Wireless Mesh Networks

Byung Joon Oh; Chang Wen Chen Circuits and Systems, 2009. ISCAS 2009. IEEE International Symposium on, 2009

We present in this paper a scheme of reliable transmission of H.264/AVC video over wireless mesh networks (WMNs) based on an opportunistic multi rate (OMR) IEEE 802.11 MAC strategy. This OMR strategy employs the channel reservation control packets at the MAC layer to exchange timely channel quality estimation (CQE) information for an adaptive adjustment of spectrally efficient transmission rate at ...

Magnetoresistive Head for High Density Magnetic Recording

Yamada, K. Magnetics in Japan, IEEE Translation Journal on, 1993

Magnetoresistive (MR) heads, which detect magnetic signals through the change in resistance of a ferromagnetic film, have been intensively investigated as read elements for use in magnetic recording. Recently very high areal densities, on the order of gigabits per square inch, have been reported. MR heads play an important role in such high-density recording systems. This paper reviews research results ...

Guido: A Musical Score Recognition System

Szwoch, M. Document Analysis and Recognition, 2007. ICDAR 2007. Ninth International Conference on, 2007

This paper presents an optical music recognition system Guido that can automatically recognize the main musical symbols of music scores that were scanned or taken by a digital camera. The application is based on object model of musical notation and uses linguistic approach for symbol interpretation and error correction. The system offers musical editor with a partially automatic error correction.

A connected path approach for staff detection on a music score

Cardoso, J.S.; Capela, A.; Rebelo, A.; Guedes, C. Image Processing, 2008. ICIP 2008. 15th IEEE International Conference on, 2008

The preservation of many music works produced in the past entails their digitalization and consequent accessibility in an easy-to-manage digital format. Carrying this task manually is very time consuming and error prone. While optical music recognition systems usually perform well on printed scores, the processing of handwritten musical scores by computers remain far from ideal. One of the fundamental stages ...

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