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2010 10th Russian-Chinese Symposium on Laser Physics and Laser Technologies (RCSLPLT) & 2010 Academic Symposium on Optoelectronics Technology (ASOT)

1. laser physics 2. laser technology and application 3. table to X-Ray laser,EUV source 4. slow light technology and application 5. nonlinear optics 6. semiconductor devices and integrated circuits 7. MEMS and Nano-Technology

2008 International Conference on Electronic Design (ICED 2008)

VLSI, Hardware & Architecture, Control System, Embedded Systems, Robotic, Wireless Sensor Network, AI, Information Security

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Lightwave Technology, Journal of

All aspects of optical guided-wave science, technology, and engineering in the areas of fiber and cable technologies; active and passive guided-wave componentry (light sources, detectors, repeaters, switches, fiber sensors, etc.); integrated optics and optoelectronics; systems and subsystems; new applications; and unique field trials.

Microelectromechanical Systems, Journal of

A journal covering Microsensing, Microactuation, Micromechanics, Microdynamics, and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS). Contains articles on devices with dimensions that typically range from macrometers to millimeters, microfabrication techniques, microphenomena; microbearings, and microsystems; theoretical, computational, modeling and control results; new materials and designs; tribology; microtelemanipulation; and applications to biomedical engineering, optics, fluidics, etc. The Journal is jointly sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices ...

Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on

All aspects of the theory and applications of nuclear science and engineering, including instrumentation for the detection and measurement of ionizing radiation; particle accelerators and their controls; nuclear medicine and its application; effects of radiation on materials, components, and systems; reactor instrumentation and controls; and measurement of radiation in space.

Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE

Rapid publication of original research relevant to photonics technology. This expanding field emphasizes laser and electro-optic technology, laser physics and systems, applications, and photonic/ lightwave components and applications. The journal offers short, archival publication with minimal delay.

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Dry-etched silicon-on-insulator waveguides with low propagation and fiber-coupling losses

Solehmainen, K.; Aalto, T.; Dekker, J.; Kapulainen, M.; Harjanne, M.; Kukli, Kaupo; Heimala, P.; Kolari, K.; Leskela, M. Lightwave Technology, Journal of, 2005

Optical rib waveguides with various widths and heights were fabricated on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates. Silicon etching was based on dry etching with inductively coupled plasma (ICP)-type reactive ion etcher. The etching process was developed to ensure low optical losses. Propagation loss of 0.13±0.02 dB/cm was measured for the fundamental mode at the wavelength of 1550 nm in a curved 114-cm-long ...

The design of a new type of optical fiber liquid-level sensor

Chunhe Yu; Xiaomeng Wang; Jianmin Liu; Zhixian Zhang; Jianmin Shi; Kemei Sun; Rui Guo Signal Processing (ICSP), 2014 12th International Conference on, 2014

This paper designs a fiber optic liquid-level sensor is used to measure the level of oil tank, introduces design, development process of the sensor and use this sensor to do experiment to verify the correctness of theory of the sensor. This sensor consists of two section of the same fiber optical and elastic diaphragm. The sensor's development uses the principle ...

Liquid crystal fiber phase modulator

Wong, C.S.I.; Jian-Yu Liu; Johnson, Kristina M. Optical Fiber Communication. OFC 97., Conference on, 1997

In the following, we present the fabrication techniques of the liquid crystal fibre phase modulator using liquid crystal fibre (LCF), working theory and measurement on the fiber phase modulation using LCF. We also present the measurement of the propagation loss of the LCF

Infrared optical loss increase in silica fibers due to hydrogen

Uchida, Naoya; Uesugi, Naoshi Lightwave Technology, Journal of, 1986

Hydrogen-related optical loss increases in silica fibers in the infrared wavelength region are discussed. The loss increase phenomena mainly consist of two features: one originated from H2absorption loss and the other from OH absorption loss. The origin of these loss increases has been clarified in view of H2gas diffusion in fiber and OH bond formation by a chemical reaction via ...

Semiconductor laser with tapered-rib adiabatic-following fiber coupler for expanded output-mode diameter

Vawter, G.A.; Smith, R.E.; Hou, H.; Wendt, J.R. Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, 1997

A new expanded-mode AlGaAs diode laser with reduced far-field divergence and 0.9 dB single-mode optical fiber coupling loss is demonstrated. This new laser achieves a two-dimensional (2-D) expansion of the fundamental output mode with a rib waveguide tapered in only one dimension. Stable fundamental-mode operation with a narrow, 5.7/spl deg/ by 7.40 full-width-at-half-maximum far- field divergence is observed well above ...

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Introduction to Fiber Optics - The Basics

Johnson, Larry Introduction to Fiber Optics - The Basics, 2009

Fiber optics is an amazing technology that allows our daily voice, video and data transmissions to occur with ever-increasing quality and lower costs. In this tutorial, you will be presented with a brief history that covers how fiber optics evolved from the 19th century to the present. This will be followed by a short primer on light basics that examines ...

Fiber Optic Test Equipment and Testing Fiber Optic Links - Testing Fiber Optic Links

Johnson, Larry Fiber Optic Test Equipment and Testing Fiber Optic Links - Testing Fiber Optic Links, 2009

In this tutorial we begin by examining the three basic techniques to perform optical loss testing and the need for bi-directional dual wavelength testing. Next, multimode and singlemode testing will be reviewed. This will be followed by a review of how and why to perform basic power level testing of transmitters and receivers and how to document the results for ...


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