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A magnetosphere is formed when a stream of charged particles, such as the solar wind, interacts with and is deflected by the intrinsic magnetic field of a planet or similar body. (

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2012 International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA)

The 14th edition of ICEAA is coupled to the 2nd edition of IEEE-APWC 2012. The two conferences consist of invited and contributed papers, and share a common organization, registration fee, submission site, workshops and short courses, and social events. The proceedings of both conferences will be published on IEEE Xplore.

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Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on

Plasma science and engineering, including: magnetofluid dynamics and thermionics; plasma dynamics; gaseous electronics and arc technology; controlled thermonuclear fusion; electron, ion, and plasma sources; space plasmas; high-current relativistic electron beams; laser-plasma interactions; diagnostics; plasma chemistry and colloidal and solid-state plasmas.

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The HLLD Approximate Riemann Solver for Magnetospheric Simulation

Miyoshi, T.; Terada, N.; Matsumoto, Y.; Fukazawa, K.; Umeda, T.; Kusano, K. Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on, 2010

A magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) algorithm for global simulations of planetary magnetospheres is developed based on an approximate nonlinear Riemann solver, the so-called Harten-Lax-van Leer-Discontinuities (HLLD) approximate Riemann solver. An approximate nonlinear solution of the MHD Riemann problem, in which the contributions of the background potential magnetic field are subtracted and multispecies plasmas as well as general equation of state are included, ...

A novel model to determine optimizing power and capacity for energy storage systems on competitive electricity markets

Thang, V.V.; Kong, N.H.; Thong, D.Q.; Khanh, B.Q. Power Electronics and Drive Systems (PEDS), 2011 IEEE Ninth International Conference on, 2011

Distributed generators (DGs) and renewable energy resources (Hydroelectric, photovoltaic, solar thermal technologies, and wind farms...) have been applied widely on planning and operating of distribution systems due to the restructure of electricity market and the development of technology. The energy storage systems (ESSs) can store energy and then retrieve it in the other time, increase flexibility of distribution systems. Hence, ...

Dual stripe magnetoresistive read heads for speed insensitive tape readers

Moore, G.; Cote, L. Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on, 1976

Two magnetic detectors spaced one-half data cell apart and coupled with the appropriate simple decode electronics can be employed as a read system for Aiken-encoded magnetic tape. The resultant read system will provide output data which are independent of the speed of the magnetic tape relative to the read head (scan speed). If, in addition, the magnetic detectors respond to ...

TEC storm on November 6, 2001, derived from dense GPS receiver network and ionosonde chain over Japan

Maruyama, T.; Ma, G. Radio Science Conference, 2004. Proceedings. 2004 Asia-Pacific, 2004

Ionospheric disturbances during a magnetic storm on November 6, 2001 were analyzed using total electron content (TEC) calculated from measurements made with a dense GPS receiver network, GEONET, which covers the whole of Japan and F-layer peak parameters obtained by a meridional ionosonde chain. Maps of TEC as a function of latitude and time were compared with NmF2 and hpF2. ...

M&#246;ssbauer study and magnetic properties of Fe<inf>90-x</inf>Co<inf>x</inf>Zr<inf>10</inf>amorphous alloys

Deppe, P.; Fukamichi, K.; Li, F.S.; Rosenberg, M.; Sostarich, M. Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on, 1984

Evidence for strong enhancement of the Fe moment for x < 4 and suppression of the low-temperature ferro-mictomagnetic transition at very low amounts of Co substitutions (x > 2) has been obtained from a magnetic and Mossbauer study of amorphous Fe90-xCoxZr10with low Co content (x < 10).

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