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A magnetosphere is formed when a stream of charged particles, such as the solar wind, interacts with and is deflected by the intrinsic magnetic field of a planet or similar body. (

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2012 International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA)

The 14th edition of ICEAA is coupled to the 2nd edition of IEEE-APWC 2012. The two conferences consist of invited and contributed papers, and share a common organization, registration fee, submission site, workshops and short courses, and social events. The proceedings of both conferences will be published on IEEE Xplore.

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Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on

Plasma science and engineering, including: magnetofluid dynamics and thermionics; plasma dynamics; gaseous electronics and arc technology; controlled thermonuclear fusion; electron, ion, and plasma sources; space plasmas; high-current relativistic electron beams; laser-plasma interactions; diagnostics; plasma chemistry and colloidal and solid-state plasmas.

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Using the wavelet transform for the detection of magnetic underwater transient signals

Quinquis, A. OCEANS '94. 'Oceans Engineering for Today's Technology and Tomorrow's Preservation.' Proceedings, 1994

In the analysis of transient signals such as those encountered in underwater observations (sonar, magnetic signals) standard Fourier analysis is often not satisfactory. This is because the basis functions of Fourier analysis (sines cosines, complex exponentials) extend over infinite time whereas the signals to be analysed are short-time transients. A new method of dealing with transient signals has recently appeared ...

Magnetic coupling in Fe/sub 60/Sm/sub 40//Fe/sub 95/Ta/sub 5/N/sub x/ multilayers

Butera, A.; Weston, J.L.; Barnard, J.A. Magnetics Conference, 2002. INTERMAG Europe 2002. Digest of Technical Papers. 2002 IEEE International, 2002

Summary form only given. Exchange spring magnets are two phase materials composed of a hard and a soft magnetic component that can be chosen to tailor a desired magnetic property. Of special interest are exchange springs in which the hard phase is a giant magnetostrictive material due to their potential applications as transducers for microactuators. We present here a study ...

Overview and status of the Los Alamos PSR injection upgrade project

Fitzgerald, D.H.; Ahn, H.; Blind, B.; Borden, M.J.; Macek, R.J.; Neri, F.; Plum, M.A.; Rose, C.R.; Thiessen, H.A.; Wilkinson, C.A.; Zumbro, M.V. Particle Accelerator Conference, 1997. Proceedings of the 1997, 1997

An upgrade is in progress to the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring (PSR) to allow direct injection of the H- beam into the ring and provide a beam bump system to move the circulating beam off the stripper foil. The primary benefits of this upgrade are matching the transverse phase space of the injected beam to the PSR acceptance and ...

Magnetic Properties of CoFeSiB Powders, Suspensions, and in Rigid Matrix

Stoian, G.; Chiriac, H. Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on, 2010

The aim of this study is to investigate the magnetic properties of micrometric soft magnetic CoFeSiB particles as powders, in suspensions and embedded in a rigid polymer matrix. The CoFeSiB particles were obtained by milling in a planetary ball mill amorphous magnetic microwires prepared by an in-rotating- water quenching technique. The milled powder was sieved by means of a sieve ...

Dynamic Analysis of Planetary-Type Magnetic Gear Based on Reluctance Network Analysis

Fukuoka, M.; Nakamura, K.; Ichinokura, O. Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on, 2011

Magnetic gears are able to transmit torque without mechanical contact. Therefore, these have attractive features, such as low acoustic noise and maintenance-free operation in comparison with conventional mechanical gears. Planetary-type magnetic gears, especially, have higher transmission torque than the other types, and are expected to be put into practical use. This paper presents a method for calculating dynamic characteristics of ...

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