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INTERMAG 2014 - IEEE International Magnetics Conference

Intermag is the premier conference on applied magnetics which allows scientists and engineers from all over to world to meet and discuss novel developments in magnetics, magnetic materials and associated technologies.

2013 International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Application (VLSI-TSA)

Conventional and Novel device concepts in CMOS, SiGe bipolar, and BiCMOS IC technologies, Steep Subthreshold devices and other energy efficiency related devices, Advanced gate stack science and technology, More-than-Moore Device integration and applications, DRAM, SRAM and Emerging NVM, technologies such as RRAM and MRAM, Advanced Interconnect technology, Embedded Memory, Advanced packaging technology, FinFET, SOI and fully depleted devices, Nanoelectronic materials /process/devices, Device and interconnect reliability, 3D Integration technology, Process and device modeling, Yield enhancement, Thin Film and Flexible Electronics, Process control and advanced manufacturing technologies, Organic electronics and photonics, MEMS and Sensors, Analog/RF devices and technologies, Advanced lithography technology and next generation lithography, Advanced process technology.

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Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on

Science and technology related to the basic physics and engineering of magnetism, magnetic materials, applied magnetics, magnetic devices, and magnetic data storage. The Transactions publishes scholarly articles of archival value as well as tutorial expositions and critical reviews of classical subjects and topics of current interest.

Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions on

The proposed IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology will be devoted to the publication of manuscripts of archival value in the general area of nanotechnology, that is rapidly emerging as one of the fastest growing and most promising new technological developments for the next generation and beyond.

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Dynamic Thermomagnetic Writing in Tunnel Junction Cells Incorporating Two GeSbTe Thermal Barriers

Ferreira, R.; Cardoso, S.; Freitas, Paulo P. Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on, 2006

Magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) incorporating GeSbTe thermal barriers and weakly pinned free layers (Hex~60Oe) have been produced with areas between 1times1 mum2 and 3times8 mum2. Current pulses lasting from 100 mus down to 20 ns were used to heat the MTJs and reverse the free layer pinning field. It is demonstrated that pulses with 7 mW/mum2 can be used to ...

Thermal stability of exchange-biased magnetic tunnel junctions with stabilizing layer

Matsukawa, N.; Odagawa, A.; Sugita, Y.; Kawashima, Y.; Morinaga, Y.; Satomi, M.; Hiramoto, M.; Kuwata, J. Magnetics Conference, 2002. INTERMAG Europe 2002. Digest of Technical Papers. 2002 IEEE International, 2002

Summary form only given. The applications of magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) for devices with CMOS such as MRAM need a high tunneling magnetoresistance ratio (TMR) and good thermal stability over 400/spl deg/C. Exchange-biased MTJs with CoFe and Mn-X antiferromagnetic layer show large TMR but annealing over 350/spl deg/C degrades the TMR due to diffusing Mn. Exchange-biased MTJs with a magnetic ...

Size Effect of Inserted Iron Nanoparticles in the MgO-Based Double Barrier Magnetic Tunnel Junction

Yen-Chi Lee; Chia-Hao Lin; Mishra, A.K.; Te-Ho Wu; Jong-Ching Wu Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on, 2014

The transport properties of stacked CoFeB (1.86)/MgO (0.2)/Fe-nanoparticles ( tFe)/MgO (0.5)/CoFeB(0.6) double barrier magnetic tunnel junctions have been characterized. In this investigation, stacked film is prepared by magnetron sputter system, annealed at 250 °, and patterned into a micron-scale device using standard electron beam lithography in conjunction with two-angle ion beam etching. First, the structure, magnetic and electrical properties are ...

Experimental and Simulation Results of Magnetic Modulation of Gate Oxide Tunneling Current in Nanoscaled MOS Transistors

Rodriguez-Ruiz, G.A.; Gutierrez-Dominguez, E.A.; Sarmiento-Reyes, A.; Stanojevic, Z.; Kosina, H.; Guarin, F.J.; Garcia-Ramirez, P.J. Electron Device Letters, IEEE, 2015

An experimental-simulation methodology to explore the spatially nonhomogeneous properties of the tunneling current in nanoscaled MOSFET is introduced. The magnetic field B is introduced into the Schrödinger-Poisson system, which allows simulating the effect of the B field on the gate oxide tunneling current and be compared with experimental data. We found out that sweeping the B field from negative to ...

Design and Validation of High-Efficiency Chopper for Magnetoresistive Sensors

Duan, H.; Gupta, A.; Li, Y.; Tseng, H.W.; van Dover, R.B. Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on, 2012

Low-frequency noise, i.e., 1/f noise severely limits the low-frequency performance of magnetoresistive sensors for applications as ultrasensitive magnetic sensors. The combination of a flux concentrator and chopping system has been proposed to mitigate the effect of 1/f noise and improve the field sensitivity. This paper reports a high-efficiency chopping system for magnetoresistive sensors. A simple reluctance analysis allows us to ...

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