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2013 19th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC)

The THERMINIC Workshop is an annual event that makes it possible for researchers from industry, SME and academia from around the world to discuss essential and emerging thermal questions and best practices in the field of microelectronics.

2013 IEEE/CPMT 29th Semiconductor Thermal Measurement & Management Symposium (SemiTherm)

electronics cooling

2013 International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)

Main Topics1) PM, DC Machines and Drives2) Power Converters/Inverters3) Induction Machines and Drives4) Synchronous Machines and Drives5) Linear Machines and Magnetic Levitation6) Special Machines and Applications7) Renewable Energy and Related Topics8) Field Analysis and Computational Method9) Motion Control10) Fault and Diagnosis11) Designing, Manufacturing, Testing and Standards12) Transformers and High Voltage Machines13) OthersSpecial Topics1) High Speed Machine and Drives2) Personal Mobility3) EMI/EMC4) High Speed Train5) xEVs and Applications6) In-wheel Motors and Drives7) x-by-wire TechnologySpecial Topics1. High Speed Machine and Drives2. Personal Mobility3. In-wheel Motors and Drives4. x-by-wire Technology5. Electric Propulsion6. High Speed Train

  • 2012 15th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)

    The conference will provide a big opportunity for researchers and professionals from all over the world to present the latest researches and developments and to exchange useful information and experiences in the fields of electrical machines and systems such as motor drive systems, turbine generators, linear machines, transformers, electric vehicles, renewable energy, power converters, etc.

  • 2011 International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)

    Electrical machines, power electronics and systems.

  • 2010 International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)

    1) Power Converters/Inverters 2) Systems for Renewable Energy 3) Motor Drives 4) PM Machines and DC Machines 5) Induction, Synchronous Machines 6) Transformers and High Voltage Machines 7) Linear Machines 8) Special Machines and Their Applications 9) Field Analysis and optimal Design Technologies 10) Electrical Technologies for the Next Generation Vehicle

  • 2009 International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS)

    The aims of ICEMS2009 are to provide an opportunity for scientists and experts to present the latest research developments in the field of electrical machines and systems (rotating and other machines, power electronics, motion control, and motor drives) and to exchange useful information and experiences in research, trends and applications.

2012 13th IEEE Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (ITherm)

The scientific and engineering exploration of thermal, thermomechanical and emerging technology issues associated with electronic devices, packages and systems.

2010 3rd International Conference on Thermal Issues in Emerging Technologies Theory and Applications (ThETA)

Thermal issues in emerging technologies (microelectronics, nanotechnology, smart materials,micro -electro -mechanical systems, biomedical engineering, new engergies)

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Components and Packaging Technologies, IEEE Transactions on

Component parts, hybrid microelectronics, materials, packaging techniques, and manufacturing technology.

Device and Materials Reliability, IEEE Transactions on

Provides leading edge information that is critical to the creation of reliable electronic devices and materials, and a focus for interdisciplinary communication in the state of the art of reliability of electronic devices, and the materials used in their manufacture. It focuses on the reliability of electronic, optical, and magnetic devices, and microsystems; the materials and processes used in the ...

Proceedings of the IEEE

The most highly-cited general interest journal in electrical engineering and computer science, the Proceedings is the best way to stay informed on an exemplary range of topics. This journal also holds the distinction of having the longest useful archival life of any EE or computer related journal in the world! Since 1913, the Proceedings of the IEEE has been the ...

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Cooling technologies for high heat flux applications

Sahraoui, M.; Cader, T.; Ahmed, G.R. Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems, 2004. ITHERM '04. The Ninth Intersociety Conference on, 2004

The high integration and miniaturization of semi-conductors devices has enabled more than ever before tremendous gains in communication bandwidth and processing power for high end desktop computers, servers, and data/telecom equipment. Because of the increased speed in these new applications, new technologies such as system on a chip or stacked die are being used more 6equently to achieve adequate device ...

Proactive power migration to reduce maximum value and spatiotemporal non-uniformity of on-chip temperature distribution in homogeneous many-core processors

Cho, M.; Sathe, N.; Gupta, M.; Kumar, S.; Yalamanchilli, S.; Mukhopadhyay, S. Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium, 2010. SEMI-THERM 2010. 26th Annual IEEE, 2010

This paper presents a proactive spatiotemporal power multiplexing method to manage the thermal field in many-core processors. We first analyze the thermal field in many core processors in deep nanometer (to 16nm nodes). We show that the thermal field in many-core can have significant spatiotemporal non- uniformity along with high maximum temperature. For better reliability and improved cooling efficiency, it ...

Hybrid cooled data center using above ambient liquid cooling

Rubenstein, B.A.; Zeighami, R.; Lankston, R.; Peterson, E. Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (ITherm), 2010 12th IEEE Intersociety Conference on, 2010

Customers who operate large data centers are looking for new ways to reduce their energy consumption and improve the ability to support higher compute density. An approach to liquid cooling that uses warm water instead of chilled water to cool system components and eliminate or greatly reduce the need for chillers in the data center is described in this paper. ...

Liquid cooling system for the vibro-tactile threshold device

Parsons, E.M.; Redd, C.; Gandhi, M.S.; Tuckett, R.P.; Bamberg, S.J.M. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC, 2011 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, 2011

Vibrotactile threshold testing has been used to investigate activation of human somatosensory pathways. A portable vibrotactile threshold testing device called the Vibrotactile Threshold Evaluator for the Workplace (VTEW) was designed for screening of carpal tunnel syndrome in the workplace, and initially contained a small fan for cooling. During subject testing, the device is operated intermittently, which causes the linear actuator ...

3D heterogeneous integrated systems: Liquid cooling, power delivery, and implementation

Bakir, M.S.; King, C.; Sekar, D.; Thacker, H.; Dang, B.; Gang Huang; Naeemi, A.; Meindl, J.D. Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 2008. CICC 2008. IEEE, 2008

This paper describes a novel 3D integration technology that enables the integration of electrical, optical, and microfluidic interconnects in a 3D die stack. The electrical interconnects are used to provide power delivery and signaling, the optical interconnects are used to enable optical signal routing to all levels of the 3D stack, and the microfluidic interconnects are used to cool each ...

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