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Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on

Methods, algorithms, and human-machine interfaces for physical and logical design, including: planning, synthesis, partitioning, modeling, simulation, layout, verification, testing, and documentation of integrated-circuit and systems designs of all complexities. Practical applications of aids resulting in producible analog, digital, optical, or microwave integrated circuits are emphasized.

Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on

Publishes original and significant contributions relating to the theory, design, performance and reliability of electron devices, including optoelectronics devices, nanoscale devices, solid-state devices, integrated electronic devices, energy sources, power devices, displays, sensors, electro-mechanical devices, quantum devices and electron tubes.

Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on

Measurements and instrumentation utilizing electrical and electronic techniques.

Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on

Microwave theory, techniques, and applications as they relate to components, devices, circuits, and systems involving the generation, transmission, and detection of microwaves.

Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of

The IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits publishes papers each month in the broad area of solid-state circuits with particular emphasis on transistor-level design of integrated circuits. It also provides coverage of topics such as device modeling, technology, systems design, layout, and testing that relate directly to IC design. Integrated circuits and VLSI are of principal interest; material related to discrete ...

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Characterization of a Cryogenic RF-Preamplifier for Superconducting Photodetector Readout

Introzzi, R.; Rajteri, M.; Brida, G. Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on, 2007

This work addresses the problem of designing superconducting photodetector readout circuits. A preliminary investigation of a selection of commercially available components to implement a radio-frequency, broadband, low-noise preamplifier operated in a cryogenic environment is presented. Wide band, high gain, low noise and stability under input mismatching load conditions have been the leading criteria taken into account to choose the devices. ...

Resistance transients in thin-film noise data [IC interconnects]

Head, L.M. Integrated Reliability Workshop Final Report, 1997 IEEE International, 1997

Noise measurements taken under accelerated stressing conditions do not work for the prediction of VLSI interconnect lifetime. This is because a crucial feature of the resistance changes under accelerated bias, which could provide insight into metallization reliability, is obscured by spectral analysis. Distinctive resistance transients occur sporadically during accelerated life testing and it is the presence of these transients that ...

Design and noise analysis of an automotive accelerometer

Joseph, E.D.; Kar, B.K.; Rohrkemper, R.; Muh-ling Ger Circuits and Systems, 1996. ISCAS '96., Connecting the World., 1996 IEEE International Symposium on, 1996

The MMAS40G is a highly miniaturized accelerometer developed for automotive applications. This two-chip system includes a capacitive micromechanical silicon chip and an associated CMOS integrated circuit for interfacing and signal conditioning each with a die size of 130 mil 2. The accelerometer requires a 5 V power supply and consumes 3.8 mA of quiescent current. The frequency response is flat ...

Design methodology for PDN synthesis on multilayer PCBs

Archambeault, B.; Cocchini, M.; Selli, G.; Jun Fan; Knighten, J.L.; Connor, S.; Orlandi, A.; Drewniak, J. Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC Europe, 2008 International Symposium on, 2008

This paper's goal is to help designers go through a step-by-step process to design the decoupling strategy for the charge supply. The distance to the decoupling capacitors, the number of decoupling capacitors, and the inductance associated with the connection of the decoupling capacitor to the power and ground-reference planes will all influence how much charge is delivered.

Digital primary-side sensing control for flyback converters

Che-Wei Chang; Yu-Tzung Lin; Ying-Yu Tzou Power Electronics and Drive Systems, 2009. PEDS 2009. International Conference on, 2009

Primary-side sensing (PSS) technique can be used for the output voltage or current regulation by employing an auxiliary winding. However, the sensed voltage may be corrupted by switching noise due to leakage inductance, winding resistance, and nonlinearity of the magnetic core, therefore the sensed voltage can only achieve limited accuracy. With the advance of power control IC realization technology, more ...

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IMS 2012 Microapps - Reducing Active Device Temperature Rise and RF Heating Effects with High Thermal Conductivity Low Loss Circuit Laminates
IMS 2012 Microapps - Improve Microwave Circuit Design Flow Through Passive Model Yield and Sensitivity Analysis
IMS 2012 Microapps - Fully Integrating 3D Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation into Circuit Simulation


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