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Human Resource Management (HRM, HR) is the management of an organization's employees. (

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2013 6th International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering (ICIII)

This conference provides an idea-exchange and discussion platform for researchers and practitioners interested in information management, innovation management and industrial engineering. The topics will arrange from the technology management theories to the management practice methods and technology.

2012 IEEE 6th International Conference on Management of Innovation & Technology (ICMIT 2012)

Research & Development as well as business applications in innovation and technology management across a global network of diverse platforms.

  • 2010 IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation & Technology (ICMIT 2010)

    ICMIT2010 is the 5th International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology, first initiated by the IEEE Engineering Management Society Singapore Chapter in 2000. ICMIT2010 intends to bring together scholars, industrialists, and entrepreneurs interested in improving their research and development, and business applications in innovation and technology management across a global network of diverse platforms.

2012 International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2012)

Enterprise Management, Engineering Management, Service Science, Financial Management, Knowledge Management

2010 International Conference on Education and Management Technology (ICEMT)

ICEMT 2010 is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Education and Management Technology. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Periodicals related to Human resource management

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Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on

Management of technical functions such as research, development, and engineering in industry, government, university, and other settings. Emphasis is on studies carried on within an organization to help in decision making or policy formation for RD&E.

Intelligent Systems, IEEE

IEEE Intelligent Systems, a bimonthly publication of the IEEE Computer Society, provides peer-reviewed, cutting-edge articles on the theory and applications of systems that perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently. The editorial staff collaborates with authors to produce technically accurate, timely, useful, and readable articles as part of a consistent and consistently valuable editorial product. The magazine serves software engineers, systems ...

IT Professional

This IEEE Computer Society periodical covers the many rapidly emerging issues facing information technology professionals, developers, and managers of enterprise information systems. IT Professional's coverage areas include: Web services, Internet security, data management; enterprise architectures and infrastructures; organizing and utilizing data; instituting cross-functional systems; using IT for competitive breakthroughs; integrating systems and capitalizing on IT advances; emerging technologies like electronic ...

Software, IEEE

IEEE Software's mission is to build the community of leading and future software practitioners. The magazine delivers reliable, useful, leading-edge software development information to keep engineers and managers abreast of rapid technology change. The authority on translating software theory into practice, IEEE Software is positioned between pure research and pure practice, transferring ideas, methods, and experiences among researchers and engineers. ...

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Construction of the Community Health Management and Service System Based on Spatial Information Grid

Zhenfeng Shao; Haicong Yu; Qing Ye Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2007. WiCom 2007. International Conference on, 2007

This paper has discussed the community health management and service from its informatization aspect to its grid aspect, and has designed the overall structure of the grid-based community health management and service system. We have already achieved the specific functions of it. In this paper, the functions of the community health management and service system such as real time supervision, ...

A Strategy-Based Model for E-Government Planning

Shahkooh, K.A.; Abdollahi, A. Computing in the Global Information Technology, 2007. ICCGI 2007. International Multi-Conference on, 2007

This paper reviews different models in e-government in order to determine important parameters for e-government strategic planning. Lack of appropriate strategies and planning are some of the main challenges in e-government. For developing of e-government in local and national level, appropriate national planning is important. This paper tries to present a strategy based model for e-government planning. A proposed model ...

An Empirical Study on New Generation Worker's Organizational Commitment, Motivation, Work Outcomes and HRM Strategic implications

Liu Xiang-Yang; Wang Li-ping; Lau, A. Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2008. WiCOM '08. 4th International Conference on, 2008

Although organizational commitment is increasingly regarded as a vital work- related attitude of enhancing employee's psychological attachment to the organization, it has also precluded an in-depth examination of particular inputs and configurations to individual attitudes and behaviors in workplace. Drawing upon social exchange theory, a model of new generation worker's organizational commitment and its work outcomes in term of job ...

Neural network and genetic algorithm approaches for forecasting bangladeshi monsoon rainfall

Banik, S.; Chanchary, F.H.; Khan, K.; Rouf, R.A.; Anwer, M. Computer and Information Technology, 2008. ICCIT 2008. 11th International Conference on, 2008

True information about rainfall is crucial for human activities such as the use and the management of water resources, hydroelectric power projects, warning to impend droughts or floods, urban areas sewer systems and many others. This paper investigates the development of an efficient model to forecast monthly monsoon rainfall for a number of stations, namely Barishal, Chittagong, Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi ...

eLibrary and ARTE: two OpenDLib digital libraries

Castelli, D.; Pagano, P.; Simi, M. Digital Libraries, 2004. Proceedings of the 2004 Joint ACM/IEEE Conference on, 2004

This demonstration shows two experimental digital libraries, e-Library and ARTE, which have been built by configuring appropriately the OpenDLib digital library system and then acquiring content with different approaches. Through these DLs we intend to demonstrate the capability of the OpenDLib system to be exploited in different application contexts.

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