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Human Resource Management (HRM, HR) is the management of an organization's employees. (

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2013 6th International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering (ICIII)

This conference provides an idea-exchange and discussion platform for researchers and practitioners interested in information management, innovation management and industrial engineering. The topics will arrange from the technology management theories to the management practice methods and technology.

2012 IEEE 6th International Conference on Management of Innovation & Technology (ICMIT 2012)

Research & Development as well as business applications in innovation and technology management across a global network of diverse platforms.

  • 2010 IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation & Technology (ICMIT 2010)

    ICMIT2010 is the 5th International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology, first initiated by the IEEE Engineering Management Society Singapore Chapter in 2000. ICMIT2010 intends to bring together scholars, industrialists, and entrepreneurs interested in improving their research and development, and business applications in innovation and technology management across a global network of diverse platforms.

2012 International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2012)

Enterprise Management, Engineering Management, Service Science, Financial Management, Knowledge Management

2010 International Conference on Education and Management Technology (ICEMT)

ICEMT 2010 is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Education and Management Technology. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

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Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on

Management of technical functions such as research, development, and engineering in industry, government, university, and other settings. Emphasis is on studies carried on within an organization to help in decision making or policy formation for RD&E.

Intelligent Systems, IEEE

IEEE Intelligent Systems, a bimonthly publication of the IEEE Computer Society, provides peer-reviewed, cutting-edge articles on the theory and applications of systems that perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently. The editorial staff collaborates with authors to produce technically accurate, timely, useful, and readable articles as part of a consistent and consistently valuable editorial product. The magazine serves software engineers, systems ...

IT Professional

This IEEE Computer Society periodical covers the many rapidly emerging issues facing information technology professionals, developers, and managers of enterprise information systems. IT Professional's coverage areas include: Web services, Internet security, data management; enterprise architectures and infrastructures; organizing and utilizing data; instituting cross-functional systems; using IT for competitive breakthroughs; integrating systems and capitalizing on IT advances; emerging technologies like electronic ...

Software, IEEE

IEEE Software's mission is to build the community of leading and future software practitioners. The magazine delivers reliable, useful, leading-edge software development information to keep engineers and managers abreast of rapid technology change. The authority on translating software theory into practice, IEEE Software is positioned between pure research and pure practice, transferring ideas, methods, and experiences among researchers and engineers. ...

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HR Management, Culture and Training - Papers Index and Abstracts

Engineering Management Conference, 2006 IEEE International, 2006

Presents an index of the articles published in the conference.

Restructuring the thin-stretched [US electricity supply industry]

Sweet, W. Spectrum, IEEE, 2000

The author describes how the US electricity industry is being reorganized to allow for power to be traded freely. The general idea is for electricity to be sold by independent suppliers into grids managed by authorities independent (more or less) of commercial interests. In this paper, they detail how the most obviously pressing question is whether the emergent independent grid ...

Research and Application of an Intelligent Integrated Planning and Scheduling System

Lv Zhimin; Xu Jinwu; Zhang Xuejun; Fan Haitao Intelligent Systems, 2009. GCIS '09. WRI Global Congress on, 2009

An intelligent integrated planning and scheduling system for direct hot charge rolling process was introduced in this paper. The intelligent system frame and function, the integrated planning and scheduling models and the optimization method etc. have been described in detail. The actual application showed that the solution for integrated planning and scheduling problem of direct hot charge rolling was feasible ...

Reconstruction for energy efficiency, incentive mechanism strategic logistics, a way to evolve towards a lean organization

Carrasqueira, M.; Machado, V.H. Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2007 IEEE International Conference on, 2007

This paper attempts to show how lean thinking and strategic logistics concepts applied to organization's design and structure can result on an effective and efficient approach. Considering strategic logistics functions we developed and been testing a strategic logistics organization model in accordance with lean thinking principles. This simplified organization structure with only two branches or dimensions - logistics and mission ...

Modeling the Performance in Chinese Engineering Managers

Chen, X.J.; Zhu, J.P.; Xie, X.Y.; Lin, Z.H. Engineering Management Conference, 2006 IEEE International, 2006

One of the trends in performance appraisal is about modeling the work behaviors, and considerable researches show behavior process is an important factor contributing to the employee's total performance. Based on the contextual and task performance construct, we conduct a field research in Chinese engineering managers. The result shows the performance model consists of 3 dimensions: personal motivation, organizing task ...

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