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The Hair follicle is a skin organ that produces hair. (

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2018 40th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

The conference program will consist of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops and invitedsessions of the latest significant findings and developments in all the major fields of biomedical engineering.Submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted high quality papers will be presented in oral and postersessions, will appear in the Conference Proceedings and will be indexed in PubMed/MEDLINE

2018 43rd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz2018)

Covering terahertz, far infrared and millimeter wave science, technology and applications

2018 IEEE 4th Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering (MECBME)

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 4st IEEE Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering (MECBME 2018), which will be hosted by IEEE Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Tunisia chapter and the IEEE Tunisia section, in collaboration with the REGIM-Lab. (University of Sfax, Tunisia).The conference will be held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Gammarth - Tunis (Tunisia) from March 28-30, 2018.MECBME 2018 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Region 8 and IEEE Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS)

  • 2016 3rd Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering (MECBME)

    The 3rd Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering (MECBME’16) is an international forum for engineers, scientists, and researchers to present their state-of-the-art work in biomedical engineering. It also provides engineers with an opportunity to interact and share their experiences in industry and technology applications. The conference will run for two days. Submitted papers will be peer reviewed.

  • 2014 Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering (MECBME)

    The scope of the conference includes Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Bioinstrumentation; Nanomedicine and Biosensors, Biomedical Circuits and Systems, Neuroengineering; Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Systems, Biophotonics, Bioinformatics, Biomechanics, Artificial Organs and Prosthesis, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, e-Health, and related areas.

  • 2011 1st Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering (MECBME)

    Biomedical Signal and Image Processing Bioinstrumentation; Nanomedicine and Biosensors Biomedical Circuits and Systems Neuroengineering; Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Systems Biomedical Imaging Biophotonics Biomedical System Modeling Bioinformatics Biomechanics; Artificial Organs and Prosthesis Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Healthcare Information Systems and e-Health Clinical Engineering Nuclear Medicine Bioelectromagnetism Biomedical Education

2017 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC)

Haptic devices enable human-machine interaction through the senses of force and touch. WorldHaptics is the major nternational meeting addressing all aspects related to haptics, covering the basic scientific underpinnings, technological developments, and algorithms and applications.

  • 2015 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC)

    Topics of interest will address the science, technology and applications associated with information acquisition and object manipulation through touch. Haptic interactions relevant to this conference include all aspects of manual exploration and manipulation of objects by humans, machines and interactions between the two, performed in real, virtual, teleoperated or networked environments.

  • 2013 World Haptics Conference (WHC 2013)

    Areas of interest include, but are not limited to; - Design of haptic interfaces - Tactile displays and sensing - Haptic rendering and virtual environments - Haptic cognition - Haptic perception and psychophysics - Biomechanics of touch - Haptic guidance and motor control - Shared haptics - Applications of haptics in entertainment, media, medicine, rehabilitation, education, data visualization, art, rapid prototyping, remote collaboration, and nano/micro technologies.

  • 2011 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC 2011)

    Haptics (sense of touch) research has progressed significantly during the last decade, but further progress in this field depends on continuing advances in 1) human haptics, 2) machine haptics and 3) computer haptics. This conference brings together researchers from different disciplines who are interested in all aspects of haptics.

  • 2009 World Haptics Conference (WHC 2009)

    This is the third World Haptics Conference, a joint conference between the Haptics Symposium (sponsored by IEEE C society) and Eurohaptics. It is an activity sponsored by the Haptics Technical Committee of C and RAS.

  • 2007 World Haptics Conference 2nd Joint EuroHaptics Conf. & Symp. on Haptic Interface for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems

2015 8th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (BMEI)

BMEI is a premier international forum for scientists and researchers to present the state of the art of biomedical engineering and informatics. Specific topics include Biomedical imaging and visualization; Biomedical signal processing and analysis; etc.

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Sensors Journal, IEEE

The Field of Interest of the IEEE Sensors Journal is the science and applications of sensing phenomena, including theory, design, and application of devices for sensing and transducing physical, chemical, and biological phenomena. The emphasis is on the electronics, physics, biology, and intelligence aspects of sensors and integrated sensor-actuators. (IEEE Guide for Authors) (The fields of interest of the IEEE ...

Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, IEEE Transactions on

IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control was the number-three journal in acoustics in 2002, according to the annual Journal Citation Report (2002 edition) published by the Institute for Scientific Information. This publication focuses on the theory, design, and application on generation, transmission, and detection of bulk and surface mechanical waves; fundamental studies in physical acoustics; design of sonic ...

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