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In economics, econometrics has been described broadly as the discipline that "aim[s s] to give empirical content to economic relations. (

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2019 IEEE 17th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN)

Industrial information technologies

2019 IEEE 20th International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC)

For its 20th year edition, the IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC) 2019, returns to the country that saw its birth, France. Held in Cannes, in the heart of the world renown “French Riviera” (Cote d’Azur in French), the SPAWC 2019 will exhibit a technical program complete with high profile plenaries, invited and contributed papers, all appearing under IEEE explore. A flagship workshop of the IEEE SP Society SPCOM technical committee, SPAWC 2019 will combine cutting edge research in the fields of signal processing, statistical learning, communication theory, wireless networking and more, together with an exciting social program on the glamorous and sunny Riviera.

2019 IEEE 58th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

The CDC is recognized as the premier scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of systems and control. The CDC annually brings together an international community of researchers and practitioners in the field of automatic control to discuss new research results, perspectives on future developments, and innovative applications relevant to decision making, systems and control, and related areas.The 58th CDC will feature contributed and invited papers, as well as workshops and may include tutorial sessions.The IEEE CDC is hosted by the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) in cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the Japanese Society for Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE), and the European Union Control Association (EUCA).

2019 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC 2019

The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society is the world's largest organization dedicated to the development and distribution of information, tools and techniques for reducing electromagnetic interference. The society's field of interest includes standards, measurement techniques and test procedures, instrumentation, equipment and systems characteristics, interference control techniques and components, education, computational analysis, and spectrum management, along with scientific, technical, industrial, professional or other activities that contribute to this field

ICASSP 2019 - 2019 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)

ICASSP is the world’s largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on signal processing and its applications. The conference will feature world-class presentations by internationally renowned speakers, cutting-edge session topics and provide a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from around the world.

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Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on

The theory, design and application of Control Systems. It shall encompass components, and the integration of these components, as are necessary for the construction of such systems. The word `systems' as used herein shall be interpreted to include physical, biological, organizational and other entities and combinations thereof, which can be represented through a mathematical symbolism. The Field of Interest: shall ...

Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, IEEE Transactions on

Part I will now contain regular papers focusing on all matters related to fundamental theory, applications, analog and digital signal processing. Part II will report on the latest significant results across all of these topic areas.

Communications, IEEE Transactions on

Telephone, telegraphy, facsimile, and point-to-point television, by electromagnetic propagation, including radio; wire; aerial, underground, coaxial, and submarine cables; waveguides, communication satellites, and lasers; in marine, aeronautical, space and fixed station services; repeaters, radio relaying, signal storage, and regeneration; telecommunication error detection and correction; multiplexing and carrier techniques; communication switching systems; data communications; and communication theory. In addition to the above, ...

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM Transactions on

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, sequence analysis, comparison and alignment methods; motif, gene and signal recognition; molecular evolution; phylogenetics and phylogenomics; determination or prediction of the structure of RNA and Protein in two and three dimensions; DNA twisting and folding; gene expression and gene regulatory networks; deduction of metabolic pathways; micro-array design and analysis; proteomics; ...


Computer, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society, publishes peer-reviewed technical content that covers all aspects of computer science, computer engineering, technology, and applications. Computer is a resource that practitioners, researchers, and managers can rely on to provide timely information about current research developments, trends, best practices, and changes in the profession.

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Articles to be published in upcoming issues of the transactions on engineering management

[] IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 1986


MCMC and EM-based methods for inference in heavy-tailed processes with /spl alpha/-stable innovations

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'Dept. of Eng., Cambridge Univ., UK', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'S. Godsill', u'id': 37270714200}] Proceedings of the IEEE Signal Processing Workshop on Higher-Order Statistics. SPW-HOS '99, 1999

In this paper we present both stochastic and deterministic iterative methods for inference about random processes with symmetric stable innovations. The proposed methods use a scale mixtures of normals (SMiN) representation of the symmetric stable law to express the processes in conditionally Gaussian form. This allows standard procedures for dealing with the Gaussian case to be re- used directly as ...

Study on house affordability of urban households in China

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'School of Economics & Management, Weifang University, Weifang, P. R. China', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Xijun Wang', u'id': 37407473700}] 2009 16th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2009

As theory suggested, urban residents' income should maintain a stable ratio with house price. The recent years, however, the growth of house price is much higher than the growth of income in China, resulting in house affordability problem. This paper, based on China's quarterly time-series data from 1994 to 2006 and applying methods of co-integration test, Granger causality test and ...

Renewable Energy in the European Union: An Econometric Approach to Trends and Effects

[{u'author_order': 1, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Ana Jes\xfas L\xf3pez', u'id': 38253361200}, {u'author_order': 2, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Blanca Moreno', u'id': 38257850100}] 2010 International Conference on Biosciences, 2010

The European Union is working for a global agreement to control climate change. Several steps have been taken in order to cut its emissions and implement energy efficiency measures. In this context, this paper analyzes the role of renewable energies in the European Union, studying their evolution and shift-share components, thus identifying the competitive effects of the different countries. Furthermore, ...

Middle -- long Electric Power Load Forecasting Based on Co-integration and Support Vector Machine

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'North China Electric Power University, China', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Dongxiao Niu', u'id': 37409787800}, {u'author_order': 2, u'affiliation': u'North China Electric Power University, China', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Jinchao Li', u'id': 37558863800}, {u'author_order': 3, u'affiliation': u'North China Electric Power University, China', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Jinying Li', u'id': 37715749400}] Third International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC 2007), 2007

Middle - long forecasting of electric power is crucial to the electric investment, which is the guarantee of the healthy development of electric industry. There are so many factors which influence the middle-long electric power load. So in this paper the co-integration technology is used to analyze the influencing factors' inter characters, then a co- integration relating formula is found ...

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  • An Introduction to Wishart Matrix Moments

    Random matrix theory plays a central role in statistical physics, computational mathematics and engineering sciences, including data assimilation, signal processing, combinatorial optimization, compressed sensing, econometrics and mathematical finance, among numerous others. The mathematical foundations of the theory of random matrices are technical, and mathematically difficult to penetrate for non-experts, regular users and practitioners. This book reviews and extends some important results in random matrix theory in the specific context of real random Wishart matrices. To overcome the complexity of the subject matter, the authors use a lecture note style to make the material accessible to a wide audience. This results in a comprehensive and self-contained introduction to the analysis of Wishart matrix moments. This study may act as an introduction to some particular aspects of random matrix theory, or as a self-contained exposition of Wishart matrix moments. All researchers and students requiring an accessible introduction to the topic will find this book essential reading.

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