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Lightwave Technology, Journal of

All aspects of optical guided-wave science, technology, and engineering in the areas of fiber and cable technologies; active and passive guided-wave componentry (light sources, detectors, repeaters, switches, fiber sensors, etc.); integrated optics and optoelectronics; systems and subsystems; new applications; and unique field trials.

Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE

Rapid publication of original research relevant to photonics technology. This expanding field emphasizes laser and electro-optic technology, laser physics and systems, applications, and photonic/ lightwave components and applications. The journal offers short, archival publication with minimal delay.

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Signal-to-noise ratio analysis of 100 Gb/s demultiplexing using nonlinear optical loop mirror

Uchiyama, K.; Morioka, T.; Kawanishi, S.; Takara, H.; Saruwatari, M. Lightwave Technology, Journal of, 1997

This paper investigates experimentally and theoretically the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) characteristics of 100 Gb/s all-optical demultiplexing using a nonlinear optical loop mirror (NOLM). The analysis takes into account two effects that degrade the SNR associated with NOLM demultiplexing. First is channel crosstalk originating from the leakage of nontarget channels. Second is the intensity fluctuations of demultiplexed signals caused by the ...

Evaluating the performance of demultiplexing strategies for real-time CORBA

Gokhale, A.; Schmidt, D.C. Global Telecommunications Conference, 1997. GLOBECOM '97., IEEE, 1997

Efficient and predictable demultiplexing is necessary to provide real-time support for distributed object computing applications developed with CORBA. This paper presents two contributions to the study of demultiplexing for real- time CORBA endsystems. First, we present an empirical study of four CORBA request demultiplexing strategies (linear search, perfect hashing, dynamic hashing, and active demultiplexing) for a range of target objects ...

Demultiplexing of 168-Gb/s data pulses with a hybrid-integrated symmetric Mach-Zehnder all-optical switch

Nakamura, S.; Ueno, Y.; Tajima, K.; Sasaki, J.; Sugimoto, T.; Kato, T.; Shimoda, T.; Itoh, M.; Hatakeyama, H.; Tamanuki, T.; Sasaki, T. Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, 2000

We have developed a hybrid-integrated symmetric Mach-Zehnder all-optical switch and evaluated the demultiplexing of 168-Gb/s data pulses at a repetition rate of 10 GHz with this switch. A compact, stable device was realized by assembling semiconductor optical amplifiers as nonlinear waveguides on a planar lightwave circuit in a self-aligned manner. A 6.0-ps switching window needed for 168-Gb/s demultiplexing was provided ...

160-Gb/s Polarization-Independent Optical Demultiplexing in 2-m Nonlinear Fiber

Salem, R.; Lenihan, A.S.; Carter, G.M.; Murphy, T.E. Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE, 2006

We report a new method for polarization-independent optical demultiplexing that uses cross-phase modulation (XPM) in nonlinear fiber. Using this technique, we achieved error-free 160- to 10-Gb/s demultiplexing in only 2 m of highly nonlinear bismuth-oxide fiber. The demultiplexing performance is not impaired when the input data polarization state is scrambled at high speed. This method does not require circular polarization ...

All-optical demultiplexing of 20 to 2.5 Gbit/s signals based on an optical parametric loop mirror

Min-Yong Jeon; Hak Kyu Lee; Joon Tae Ahn; Dong Sung Lim; Do Il Chang; Kyong Hon Kim Lasers and Electro-Optics, 1999. CLEO/Pacific Rim '99. The Pacific Rim Conference on, 1999

In recent years, several application schemes based on the four wave mixing (FWM) effect in an optical parametric loop mirror (PALM), such as wavelength interchange, wavelength conversion and spectral inversion, have been proposed. The generated FWM wave in the PALM can be separated from both the input signal and control beams without any optical band pass filter. It appears to ...

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