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Lightwave Technology, Journal of

All aspects of optical guided-wave science, technology, and engineering in the areas of fiber and cable technologies; active and passive guided-wave componentry (light sources, detectors, repeaters, switches, fiber sensors, etc.); integrated optics and optoelectronics; systems and subsystems; new applications; and unique field trials.

Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE

Rapid publication of original research relevant to photonics technology. This expanding field emphasizes laser and electro-optic technology, laser physics and systems, applications, and photonic/ lightwave components and applications. The journal offers short, archival publication with minimal delay.

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WDM Filters For Silicon Photonics Transceivers

Horst, F.; Green, W.M.J.; Assefa, S.; Shank, S.M.; Offrein, B.J.; Vlasov, Y.A. Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference (OECC), 2011 16th, 2011

We fabricated various types of silicon integrated demultiplexers for WDM-based transceivers for on- and off-chip optical interconnects. Given this application, we will show that each of these demultiplexer designs has its specific advantages and disadvantages.

Multi-Stage All-Optical WDM-to-TDM-to-WDM and TDM-to-WDM-to-TDM Data Format Conversion and Reconversion Through 80 km of Fiber and 3 EDFAs

Norte, D.; Willner, A.E. Flat Panel Display Technology/Technologies for a Global Information Infrastructure/ICs for New Age Lightwave Communications/RF Optoelectronics, 1995 Digest of the LEOS Summer Topical Meetings, 1995

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Method of improving bandwidth efficiency for OTDM transmission systems

Ming Chen; Bo Lv; TangJun Li; MuGuang Wang; Jian, Shuisheng Communications and Photonics Conference and Exhibition (ACP), 2009 Asia, 2009

Spectrum compression based on filters for improving bandwidth efficiency is presented and demonstrated experimentally in 40Gb/s OTDM system. Even after 100km transmission, demultiplexing and clock recovery can be implemented successfully, and the data rate-to-bandwidth ratio has been improved to 4 times.

Program Demultiplexing: Data-flow based Speculative Parallelization of Methods in Sequential Programs

Balakrishnan, S.; Sohi, G.S. Computer Architecture, 2006. ISCA '06. 33rd International Symposium on, 2006

We present program demultiplexing (PD), an execution paradigm that creates concurrency in sequential programs by "demultiplexing" methods (functions or subroutines). Call sites of a demultiplexed method in the program are associated with handlers that allow the method to be separated from the sequential program and executed on an auxiliary processor. The demultiplexed execution of a method (and its handler) is ...

Efficient time-domain demultiplexing with separate signal and control wavelengths in an AlGaAs nonlinear directional coupler

Villeneuve, A.; Mamyshev, P.; Kang, J.U.; Stegeman, G.I.; Aitchison, J.S.; Ironside, C.N. Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of, 1995

Efficient time-division demultiplexing using two different wavelengths, one for the signal and one for the control beam, has been implemented in an AlGaAs nonlinear directional coupler at 1550 nm. This all-optical demultiplexer makes use of cross-phase modulation and walk-off between the two wavelengths to give high contrast at both low and high powers and to eliminate the pulse break-up. Additionally, ...

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