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2013 20th IEEE International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA)

Sample Preparation, Metrology and Material Characterization Advanced Failure Analysis Techniques Die-Level / Package-Level Failure Analysis Case Study & Failure Mechanisms Product Reliability Evaluation and ApproachesNovel Device Reliability and Failure MechanismsNovel Gate Stack/Dielectrics and FEOL Reliability and Failure MechanismsAdvanced Interconnects and BEOL Reliability and Failure Mechanisms

2013 IEEE Indian Antenna Week (IAW)

Expose students & young scientists to recent advances in the area of Antennas and provide them a forum for Networking & Mentoring support.

  • 2011 IEEE Indian Antenna Week (IAW)

    IAW 2011 offers a common platform for scientists, academicians and researchers to interact and exchange ideas in the field of antennas and propagation. The essence of this academic interaction is different from a conventional conference and the participants will have more opportunity to share their views on a more focused topic.

  • 2010 Indian Antenna Week "A Workshop on Advanced Antenna Technology"

    Indian Antenna Week 2010 is the second endeavour of IEEE AP-MTT Chapter, Calcutta Section after its successful launch of Applied Electromagnetics Conference AEMC as a biennial international event in the city of Kolkata. This has actually evolved from the of AEMC09 statistics, which clearly indicates that the majority of EM researchers in India are active in the domain of Antennas. This was brought to the notice of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society and their positive feedback has lead us to initiate this

2013 XVIIIth International Seminar/Workshop on Direct and Inverse Problems of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Wave Theory (DIPED)

Theoretical aspects of electrodynamicsWaveguide and photonic crystal structuresScattering and diffractionInverse problems and synthesisPropagation in complex mediaAntennas and antenna arraysNumerical methods in electrodynamicsAcoustics: theory and applications

2012 10th IEEE/IAS International Conference on Industry Applications - INDUSCON 2012

The INDUSCON covers the main topic areas of interest of the Brazilian chapter of the IEEE Industry Applications Society, providing a forum for sharing theoretical and practical results related to the applications of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in industry.

2012 10th International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications (ISETC)

ISETC 2012 will bring together members from academia and industry to present their achievements in electronics and telecommunications.

  • 2010 9th International Symposium on Electronics and Telecommunications (ISETC)

    ISETC 2010 will bring together members from academia and industry to present their achievements in electronics and telecommunications. It's organized by the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Politehnica University of Timisoara. Technical co-sponsors: IEEE Romania Section, Academy of Technical Sciences, Romania, IEEE Communications Society Germany Chapter.

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Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, IEEE

IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (AWP Letters) will be devoted to the rapid electronic publication of short manuscripts in the technical areas of Antennas and Wireless Propagation.

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, IEEE

Both general and technical articles on current technologies and methods used in biomedical and clinical engineering; societal implications of medical technologies; current news items; book reviews; patent descriptions; and correspondence. Special interest departments, students, law, clinical engineering, ethics, new products, society news, historical features and government.

Engineering Management Review, IEEE

Reprints articles from other publications of significant interest to members. The papers are aimed at those engaged in managing research, development, or engineering activities. Reprints make it possible for the readers to receive the best of today's literature without having to subscribe to and read other periodicals.

Industry Applications Magazine, IEEE

This magazine publishes articles concerning technical subjects and professional activities that are within the scope of IAS and are of interest to society members. The information includes but is not limited to articles, product reviews, book reviews, new standards, education information, announcements of conferences, workshops, new publications, committee meetings and reports of IAS activities.

Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, IEEE

Applications-oriented material in the field of instrumentation and measurement.

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St. Petersburg PowerTech 2005

Power and Energy Magazine, IEEE, 2005

Describes the above-named upcoming conference event. May include topics to be covered or calls for papers.

Outstanding Branch Counselors

Dayne, L. Potentials, IEEE, 1997

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Active sensing for viscoelastic tissue with coupling effect

Tanaka, N.; Higashimori, M.; Kaneko, M. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2008. EMBS 2008. 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE, 2008

This paper discusses active sensing for detecting viscoelastic parameters of living tissues with the coupling effect among neighbors. Supposing that both applied force and surface deformation of tissue are known with respect to time, we obtain viscoelastic parameters of living tissue by utilizing a single layered model with horizontal and vertical units where each unit is composed of both stiffness ...

Networking know-how [online networking]

Karlin, S. Spectrum, IEEE, 2005

This paper discusses the latest trend in online job hunting and hiring, i.e. tapping social and professional networking sites. These sites typically allow you to post a profile, listing information about yourself as well as services and skills you have to offer. Reciprocal connections can also be made between the profiles of different users, allowing for friend-of-a-friend style introductions. These ...

Properties of Frame-Difference Signals Generated by Moving Images

Connor, D.J.; Limb, John O. Communications, IEEE Transactions on, 1974

The properties of the frame-difference signals arising from updated "moving" areas and nonupdated "stationary" areas in conditional replenishment interframe encoders are examined. Expressions for the correlation functions and power density spectra of these signals are developed assuming an infinite image field undergoing uniform linear motion. These expressions are modified so as to include the effect of camera integration. Experimentally obtained ...

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