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2012 19th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar & Wireless Communications (MIKON 2012)

MIKON is an international conference organized since 1969 which turned into an important biannual international microwave event in 1989. MIKON covers the scientific microwave areas like: modeling and measurements of antennas, sensors, detectors and circuits, ultrawideband technology, electromagnetic compatibility and the like.

  • 2010 18th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar & Wireless Communications (MIKON 2010)

    Main Topics: Antenna Design, Modeling and Measurements Active Devices and Components Microwave and Optical Integrated Circuits Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Technology Photonic, Microwave-Light Wave Interaction RF, VHF and UHF Technologies Magnetic and Acoustic Wave Devices Cad Techniques, Modeling and Simulations Microwave Measurements Industrial, Environmental, Medical App. Microwave and Optical Communication Systems Wireless and Personal Communication Radar Technol

  • 2008 17th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar & Wireless Communications (MIKON 2008)

    antenna design, modeling and measurements, active and passive devices and components microwave and optical integrated circuits millimeter and sub-millimeter technology, CAD techniques, microwave measurements, microwave & optical communication systems, wireless & personal communications, radar technology, radar polarimetry & signatures sensors, detectors and vehicular radars

  • 2006 International Conference on Microwaves, Radar & Wireless Communications (MIKON 2006)

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Display Technology, Journal of

This publication covers the theory, design, fabrication, manufacturing and application of information displays and aspects of display technology that emphasize the progress in device engineering, device design, materials, electronics, physics and reliabilityaspects of displays and the application of displays.

Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on

Publishes original and significant contributions relating to the theory, design, performance and reliability of electron devices, including optoelectronics devices, nanoscale devices, solid-state devices, integrated electronic devices, energy sources, power devices, displays, sensors, electro-mechanical devices, quantum devices and electron tubes.

Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on

Science and technology related to the basic physics and engineering of magnetism, magnetic materials, applied magnetics, magnetic devices, and magnetic data storage. The Transactions publishes scholarly articles of archival value as well as tutorial expositions and critical reviews of classical subjects and topics of current interest.

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The greening of television

Perry, T.S. Spectrum, IEEE, 2010

Your giant LCD uses just as much energy as your old CRT. That's about to change.

Application of a model of color appearance to practical problems in imaging

Hunt, R.W.G. Proceedings of the IEEE, 2002

Some of the reasons for needing a color appearance model in imaging are given and the use of such a model in deriving a color reproduction index is described. There are three reasons why a model of color appearance is a necessary tool in color imaging systems. First, because the viewing conditions for images are often different at different stages ...

Assessment of ionizing radiation from PC monitors and TV receivers

Perez-Vega, Constantino; Zamanillo, J.M.; Ipina, J.S. Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions on, 2000

It is well known that cathode-ray tubes (CRT) emit low level ionizing radiation in the form of X-rays. At present, practically all CRTs are carefully manufactured to reduce such radiation to a minimum which amounts to a small fraction of the total ambient or background radiation due to natural sources. The purpose of this work was to actually measure the ...

Minimization for LED-backlit TFT-LCDs

Wei-Chung Cheng; Chain-Fu Chao Design Automation Conference, 2006 43rd ACM/IEEE, 2006

This paper presents an algorithm for minimizing power consumption of LED backlights in transmissive TFT-LCD monitors. The proposed algorithm reduces power consumption by scaling the luminous intensity of the red, green, and blue LED backlights independently according to the image histograms of each color channel. The algorithm consists of two phases. The first phase, chromaticity scaling, finds the optimal ratios ...

RNS application for digital image processing

Wang, Wei; Swamy, M.N.S.; Ahmad, M.O. System-on-Chip for Real-Time Applications, 2004.Proceedings. 4th IEEE International Workshop on, 2004

In this paper, we carry out a study on the RNS (residue number system) application in digital image processing and propose a RNS image coding scheme that offers high-speed and low-power VLSI implementation for secure image processing. The proposed scheme is more efficient than the RNS image coding scheme of Ammar et al. (2001) in that the proposed method encrypts ...

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