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Control Systems Magazine, IEEE

The magazine covers theory, analysis, design (computer-aided design), and practical implementation of circuits, and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and to signal processing. Content is written for the spectrum of activities from basic scientific theory to industrial applications.

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, IEEE

Both general and technical articles on current technologies and methods used in biomedical and clinical engineering; societal implications of medical technologies; current news items; book reviews; patent descriptions; and correspondence. Special interest departments, students, law, clinical engineering, ethics, new products, society news, historical features and government.

Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on

The study, development, improvement, and promotion of techniques for preparing, organizing for use, processing, editing, collecting, conserving, and disseminating any form of information in the electrical and electronics fields.

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A concise guide to technical communication (with CD-rom) - Book Review

Moore, P. Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on, 2002

First Page of the Article ![](/xploreAssets/images/absImages/00988367.png)

Computed Tomography: Fundamentals, System Technology, Image Quality, Applications [Book Review]

Jarrett, C. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, IEEE, 2007

This great resource provides a brief look at the history of computed tomography (CT), segues into a comprehensive review of the current state of CT technology, and ends with a look at the future of CT. The book is great for those who work regularly with CT of those who are interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of this imaging ...

Control System Design (Goodwin, G.C. et al; 2001) [Book Review]

Davison, D.E. Control Systems, IEEE, 2007

This book reflects the practical experience of its authors in two ways. First, it emphasizes several topics that are often neglected in control textbooks but are critical in many real-world problems. Second, the book reflects the industrial experience of the authors in their choice of examples. The book has 26 chapters, divided into eight parts. Part I provides a brief ...

Current airborne radars of the world in the International Radar Directory CD-ROM

Johnston, Stephen L. Radar Conference, 2003. Proceedings of the 2003 IEEE, 2003

The International Radar Directory CD-ROM (IRD) resulted from a twenty-year collection effort by this author of open information on radars of the world. That effort identified some 9,800 radars; however, most of those numbers are no longer in use. The production IRD contains technical information on 674 current radars. Radar functions (applications) now include some 50. This paper presents a ...

Barry Truax, editor: Handbook of Acoustic Ecology, 2nd edition (CD-ROM version) [Review Article]

Radford, L Computer Music Journal, 2001


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