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2015 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS)

Basic Processes in Fully and Partially Ionized Plasmas; Microwave Generation and Plasma Interactions; Charged Particle Beams and Sources; High Energy Density Plasmas and Applications; Industrial, Commercial, and Medical Plasma Applications; Plasma Diagnostics; Pulsed Power and other Plasma Applications.

  • 2014 IEEE 41st International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS) held with 2014 IEEE International Conference on High-Power Particle Beams (BEAMS)

    The International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS) is an annual conference coordinated by the Plasma Science and Application Committee (PSAC) of the IEEE Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society. Promote physical understanding of neutral and non-neutral plasma physics, leading towards energy sources and applications.

  • 2012 IEEE 39th International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS)

    Fully and partially ionized plasmas, microwave-plasma interaction, charged particle beams and sources; high energy density plasmas and applications, industrial and medical applications of plasmas; plasma diagnostics; pulsed power and other plasma applictions

  • 2011 IEEE 38th International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS)

    The ICOPS is the state of the art plasma science conference that covers all aspects of the general plasma science and its applications in various research fields.

  • 2010 IEEE 37th International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS)

  • 2009 IEEE 36th International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS)

    The conference features an exciting technical program with reports from around the globe about new and innovative developments in the field of pulsed power, plasma science and engineering. Leading researchers gather to explore pulsed power plasmas, basic plasma physics, high-energy-density-plasmas, inertial confinement fusion, magnetic fusion, plasma diagnostics, microwave generation, lighting, micro and nano applications of plasmas, medical applications and plasma processing.

  • 2008 IEEE 35th International Conference on Plasma Sciences (ICOPS)

    The 35th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science will feature an exciting technical program with reports from around the globe about new and innovative developments in the field of plasma science and engineering: 1. Basic processes in fully and partially ionized plasmas 2. Microwave generation and plasma interactions 3. Charged particle beams and sources 4. High energy density plasmas applications 5. Industrial, commercial and medical plasma applications 6. Plasma diagnostics 7. Pulsed power

2011 SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference (IMOC)

The 2011 SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference (IMOC 2011) will provide a major international forum for exchanging information on research and developments in the theoretical and experimental fields of and Optoelectronics including Millimeter and Nanometer Waves, Microwaves, Antennas, Propagation, Wireless Communication, Fiber Optics, Photonic Networks.

  • 2009 SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference (IMOC)

    The event programming will count, besides the presentation of technical/scientific articles, with talks leaded by featured professionals in Brazil and abroad and with minicourses and topics of current interest, poster sessions, expositions and panels. Considering the actual technology and science scenario in Brazil, it's believed that the event may be of great value to all the professionals in the area and, therefore, is worth's the support of all the public and private institutions which are involved in

  • 2007 SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference (IMOC)

2010 36th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference

The Northeast Bioengineering Conference is an event designed to foster the formation of new friendships and the exchange of ideas across disciplines related to bioengineering.

Periodicals related to Microwave Generation

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Lightwave Technology, Journal of

All aspects of optical guided-wave science, technology, and engineering in the areas of fiber and cable technologies; active and passive guided-wave componentry (light sources, detectors, repeaters, switches, fiber sensors, etc.); integrated optics and optoelectronics; systems and subsystems; new applications; and unique field trials.

Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on

Microwave theory, techniques, and applications as they relate to components, devices, circuits, and systems involving the generation, transmission, and detection of microwaves.

Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on

Plasma science and engineering, including: magnetofluid dynamics and thermionics; plasma dynamics; gaseous electronics and arc technology; controlled thermonuclear fusion; electron, ion, and plasma sources; space plasmas; high-current relativistic electron beams; laser-plasma interactions; diagnostics; plasma chemistry and colloidal and solid-state plasmas.

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High-power photonic microwave generation at K- and Ka-bands using a uni-traveling-carrier photodiode

Ito, H.; Fushimi, Hiroshi; Muramoto, Y.; Furuta, T.; Ishibashi, T. Lightwave Technology, Journal of, 2002

A K- to Ka-band photonic microwave generator (PMG) consisting of a uni- traveling-carrier photodiode (UTC-PD) and a monolithically integrated bias circuit utilizing a 1/4-wavelength coplanar waveguide is presented. The device exhibits a high-saturation-output power of +14 dBm at 26 GHz for a bias voltage of -4 V. The output power is almost constant within a frequency range from 23 to ...

Photonic microwave generation utilizing dynamics of laser diodes

Jun-Ping Zhuang; Song-Sui Li; Xiao-Zhou Li; Pusino, V.; Ying Ding; Sorel, M.; Sze-Chun Chan Advanced Infocomm Technology (ICAIT), 2014 IEEE 7th International Conference on, 2014

Two photonic microwave generation techniques using laser diodes are discussed in this work. Firstly, the period-one (P1) nonlinear dynamics of a semiconductor laser simultaneously subject to optical injection and optical feedback are investigated for tunable photonic microwave generation both numerically and experimentally. The P1 oscillation is invoked by optical injection so that the laser emission oscillates at a microwave frequency. ...

High-power microwave generation by virtual cathode oscillator

Jiang, W.; Shimada, M.; Kanbara, K.; Yatsui, K. Plasma Science, 2004. ICOPS 2004. IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts. The 31st IEEE International Conference on, 2004

Summary form only given. A new configuration of virtual cathode oscillator is studied for high-power microwave generation. It is similar to previous reflex triode but has an improved structure allowing better coupling between the electron beam and the electromagnetic field. It is tested on repetitive pulsed power generator "ETIGO-IV". Microwave output power and frequency were diagnosed experimentally and the results ...

Understanding Microwave Generation Produced in Air

Kekez, M.M. Plasma Science, IEEE Transactions on, 2013

In this paper, we observe the interaction of the electromagnetic wave with high-speed electrons arising from the corona and spark discharges in the cavity. With the low level of the high-speed electron in the cavity, the initial frequency set by the cavity is being split mainly into a lower and higher frequency in comparison to the initial frequency. With the ...

Rate Equations Analysis of Optically Injected Semiconductor Lasers for Tunable Microwave Generation

Sze-Chun Chan PhotonicsGlobal@Singapore, 2008. IPGC 2008. IEEE, 2008

Nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers under optical injection can exhibit intensity oscillations at tunable microwave frequencies. Based on the rate equation model, the system under periodic oscillation is analytically investigated. By considering two dominant co-existing optical frequency components, analytical expressions that relate the injection strength and the injection detuning frequency to the microwave frequency, optical power, and microwave power are ...

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Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) IC Devices and Technology

Cressler, John D. Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) IC Devices and Technology, 2005

The silicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor (SiGe HBT) is the first practical bandgap-engineered device to be realized in silicon. This course will provide a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art in SiGe HBTs and assess its potential for current and future wireless and wireline applications. SiGe HBT technology combines transistor performance competitive with III-V technologies such as GaAs and InP with the ... Videos

IMS 2011 Microapps - Simulation and Evaluation of Communications Systems in Conformance With Third- and Fourth-Generation Wireless Standards
ITEC 2014: Next Generation Combat Vehicle Electrical Power Architecture Development
Silicon THz: an Opportunity for Innovation
IMS 2012 Microapps - Generation and Analysis Techniques for Cost-efficient SATCOM Measurements Richard Overdorf, Agilent
IMS 2012 Microapps - The Next Generation of Communications Design, Validate, and Test Dr. Mark Pierpoint
IMS 2012 Microapps - Phase Noise Choices in Signal Generation: Understanding Needs and Tradeoffs Riadh Said, Agilent
IMS 2011 Microapps - Improved Microwave Device Characterization and Qualification Using Affordable Microwave Microprobing Techniques for High-Yield Production of Microwave Components
IMS 2011 Overview
IMS 2011 Preview of International Microwave Symposium
APEC 2015: KeyTalks - Solid State Lighting
High Magnetic Field Science and its Application in the US - ASC-2014 Plenary series - 10 of 13 - Friday 2014/8/15
RFIC - The Growth of Cellular Communications
Capture, Recognition, and Imitation of Anthropomorphic Motion
Generation of Models for Wireless Sensor Network Assessment
MicroApps: How Digital Markets are Driving Microwave Technology (Agilent Technologies)
MicroApps: A Streamlined Design Flow Featuring AWR Microwave Offce and Ansys HFSS (AWR)
MicroApps: Simplifying Microwave Power Amplifer Characterization using Power Meter & Sensors (Agilent Technologies)
Transportation Electrification: Smart Grids and Sustainable Generation
Bill Heetderks: Expect Technology to Reduce the Cost of Health Care
Nanotechnology, we are already there: APEC 2013 KeyTalk with Dr. Terry Lowe


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