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Electrical Insulation Magazine, IEEE

The magazine covers theory, analysis, design (computer-aided design), and practical implementation of circuits, and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and to signal processing. Content is written for the spectrum of activities from basic scientific theory to industrial applications.

Power Delivery, IEEE Transactions on

Research, development, design, application, construction, the installation and operation of apparatus, equipment, structures, materials, and systems for the safe, reliable, and economic delivery and control of electric energy for general industrial, commercial, public, and domestic consumption.

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Field experience of transformer untanking to identify electrical faults and comparison with Dissolved Gas Analysis

Samsudin, R.; Ramli, A.Q.; Berhanuddin, A.; Zaidey, Y. Energy and Environment, 2009. ICEE 2009. 3rd International Conference on, 2009

Power transformer consists of components which are under consistent thermal and electrical stresses. The major component which degrades under these stresses is the paper insulation of the power transformer. The life of the transformer is determined by the condition of the paper insulation. The degradation of the paper insulation will be accelerated with the presence of electrical fault. Electrical fault ...

Failure statistics and power transformer condition evaluation by dissolved gas analysis technique

Suwanasri, T.; Chaidee, E.; Adsoongnoen, C. Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis, 2008. CMD 2008. International Conference on, 2008

Due to the degradation of power transformer under its normal and abnormal operating conditions, maintenance activities are vital to restore the condition. However, the preventive maintenance costs are now of primary concern. The scattering failure data are systematically recorded and analyzed to determine the critical component of power transformer. Two transformer models of rated voltage 115/22 kV and 230/115/22 kV ...

Genetic programming feature extraction with bootstrap for dissolved gas analysis of power transformers

Shintemirov, A.; Tang, W.H.; Wu, Q.H.; Fitch, J. Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 2009. PES '09. IEEE, 2009

This paper discusses a feature extraction technique with genetic programming (GP) and bootstrap to improve interpretation accuracy of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) fault classification in power transformers, dealing with highly versatile or noise corrupted data. Initial DGA data are preprocessed with bootstrap to equalize the sample numbers for different fault classes, thus improving subsequent extraction of classification features with GP ...

Study on the Online Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitor based on the Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Zhu Qi; Yin Yi; Wang Qiaohua; Wang Zhihao; Li Zhe Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis (CMD), 2012 International Conference on, 2012

According to the principle of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy, HPAS-1000 Online Dissolved Gas Analysis Monitor is developed to monitor the dissolved gas in the power transformers online, which can directly extract the oil sample from the running transformer and measure the content of Hydrogen, Acetylene, Ethylene, Methane, Ethane, Carbon monoxide and Carbon dioxide dissolved in the oil sample in real time. Field ...

The duval pentagon-a new complementary tool for the interpretation of dissolved gas analysis in transformers

Duval, M.; Lamarre, L. Electrical Insulation Magazine, IEEE, 2014

Several methods are available for the interpretation of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) results in oil-filled electrical equipment. These methods use ratios of the five main hydrocarbon gases formed, namely H2, CH4, C2H6, C2H4, and C2H2, either 2-gas ratios, e.g., in IEEE [1] and IEC [2]; 3-gas ratios, in Duval Triangles 1 to 7 [3]; or 4-gas ratios in [4]. In ...

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Guide for interpretation of gasses generated in silicone-immersed transformers

This guide is intended to apply to silicone-immersed transformers in which the silicone fluid was the fluid supplied when the transformer was originally manufactured. This guide also addresses the following: a) The theory of combustible gas generation in a silicone-immersed transformer; b) Recommended procedures for sampling and analysis; c) The interpretation of Gas Analysis; d) Recommended actions based on the ...

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