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In telecommunications and software engineering, scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process, to handle growing amounts of work in a graceful manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth. (

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2019 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM)

the IEEE/IEDM has been the world's main forum for reporting breakthroughs in technology, design, manufacturing, physics and the modeling of semiconductors and other electronic devices. Topics range from deep submicron CMOS transistors and memories to novel displays and imagers, from compound semiconductor materials to nanotechnology devices and architectures, from micromachined devices to smart -power technologies, etc.

2019 IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA)

HPCA offers a high-quality forum for scientists and engineers to present their latest research findings in the rapidly-changing field of computer architecture.

2019 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)

WSC is the premier international forum for disseminating recent advances in the field of system simulation. In addition to a technical program of unsurpassed scope and quality, WSC provides the central meeting for practitioners, researchers, and vendors.

GLOBECOM 2019 - 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference

Provides a full program of technical and professional activities spanning hot topics in voice, data, image and multimedia communications and networking.

ICC 2019 - 2019 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) will be held from 20-24 May 2019 at Shanghai International Convention Center, China,conveniently located in the East Coast of China, the region home to many of the world’s largest ICT industries and research labs. Themed“Smart Communications”, this flagship conference of IEEE Communications Society will feature a comprehensive Technical Program including16 Symposia and a number of Tutorials and Workshops. IEEE ICC 2019 will also include an attractive Industry Forum & Exhibition Program featuringkeynote speakers, business and industry pan

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Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on

Contains articles on the applications and other relevant technology. Electronic applications include analog and digital circuits employing thin films and active devices such as Josephson junctions. Power applications include magnet design as well asmotors, generators, and power transmission

Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on

The theory, design and application of Control Systems. It shall encompass components, and the integration of these components, as are necessary for the construction of such systems. The word `systems' as used herein shall be interpreted to include physical, biological, organizational and other entities and combinations thereof, which can be represented through a mathematical symbolism. The Field of Interest: shall ...

Biomedical Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on

The Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems addresses areas at the crossroads of Circuits and Systems and Life Sciences. The main emphasis is on microelectronic issues in a wide range of applications found in life sciences, physical sciences and engineering. The primary goal of the journal is to bridge the unique scientific and technical activities of the Circuits and Systems ...

Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on

Video A/D and D/A, display technology, image analysis and processing, video signal characterization and representation, video compression techniques and signal processing, multidimensional filters and transforms, analog video signal processing, neural networks for video applications, nonlinear video signal processing, video storage and retrieval, computer vision, packet video, high-speed real-time circuits, VLSI architecture and implementation for video technology, multiprocessor systems--hardware and software-- ...

Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, IEEE Transactions on

Part I will now contain regular papers focusing on all matters related to fundamental theory, applications, analog and digital signal processing. Part II will report on the latest significant results across all of these topic areas.

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Hybrid M-JPEG/MPEG-2 video streams using MPEG-2 compliant spatial scalability

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'Dept. of Comput. Sci., American Univ. of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'T. Shanableh', u'id': 37285119200}] Electronics Letters, 2003

The MPEG-2 video content has become very popular. In an attempt to make this widely available content flexible in terms of meeting the constraints of an assortment of networks and end-systems, the bitstream syntax of MPEG-2 spatial scalability is utilised to generate a hybrid embedded motion-JPEG/MPEG-2 video stream from prerecorded contents. A report is made on the proposed codec architecture ...

Implicit Bit Allocation for Combined Coarse Granular Scalability and Spatial Scalability

[{u'author_order': 1, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Zhengguo G. Li', u'id': 37279074200}, {u'author_order': 2, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Susanto Rahardja', u'id': 37271433200}, {u'author_order': 3, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Huifang Sun', u'id': 37277691800}] IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2006

A new type of implicit bit allocation (IBA) is studied for the combined coarse granular scalability (CGS) and spatial scalability. Given a region which is a quality level at a spatial resolution and an input of weighting factor in the region that is determined by customers' interest, the IBA is formulated as a multiple objective optimization problem. The IBA exhibits ...

Bounding Communication Energy Overhead in Parallel Networks with Power-Delay Scalability

[{u'author_order': 1, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'James S. Tandon', u'id': 38239803800}, {u'author_order': 2, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Steven E. Butner', u'id': 37325212600}] 2008 14th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2008

We propose the energy scalability and power-delay product scalability as new metrics for calculating and estimating boundaries on the energy overhead of parallel processing systems. Because both properties consider network topology and the algorithm to be implemented, they are shown to be effective in predicting the energy scalability of a multiprocessor in the most general case. Power-delay scalability is then ...

Fine spatial scalability in wavelet based image coding

[{u'author_order': 1, u'affiliation': u'Dept. of Electr. Eng. & Comput. Sci., Korea Adv. Inst. of Sci. & Technol., South Korea', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Donghoon Yu', u'id': 37556091400}, {u'author_order': 2, u'affiliation': u'Dept. of Electr. Eng. & Comput. Sci., Korea Adv. Inst. of Sci. & Technol., South Korea', u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Jong Beom Ra', u'id': 38182799000}] IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2005, 2005

Wavelet transform based image coding algorithms have the two inherent scalable features of SNR scalability and spatial (or resolution) scalability. However, fine scalability is supported only for the SNR, but spatial scalability is usually restricted to scales of powers of two which may not be considered fine. In this paper, we introduce the fine spatial scalability to wavelet transform based ...

Scalability of a Web Server: How Does Vertical Scalability Improve the Performance of a Server?

[{u'author_order': 1, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Ancuta-Petronela Barzu', u'id': 37086103655}, {u'author_order': 2, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Mihai Carabas', u'id': 37085377977}, {u'author_order': 3, u'authorUrl': u'', u'full_name': u'Nicolae Tapus', u'id': 37546103000}] 2017 21st International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science (CSCS), 2017

This paper presents how the throughput of a server is influenced by the applying a vertical scalability. The paper studies the results obtained in measuring the response time of the server and the processing time of the server when dealing with a large number of requests by modifying the configuration of the machine, increasing the number of cores the machine ...

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  • Top 10 Oracle Performance and Scalability Features

    This chapter contains sections titled: * Real Application Clustering (RAC) * Dedicated versus Shared Server Models * Proven Transaction and Concurrency Models * A Highly Efficient SQL Optimization Engine * Efficient Parallel Processing with Modern Multi-Core CPUs * Partitioning * An All-Encompassing, Powerful Performance, and Scalability Troubleshooting Tool��-��AWR * The Most Comprehensive Set of Internal Performance Metrics * Database Resident Connection Pool * In-Memory Database Cache (IMDB) * Summary * Recommended Reading * Exercises ]]>

  • Scalability, Workloads, and Performance: Replication, Popularity, Modeling, and Geo‐Distributed File Stores

    This chapter explores the problems of scalability of cloud computing systems. Scalability allows a cloud application to change in size, volume, or geographical distribution while meeting the needs of the cloud customer. A practical approach to scaling cloud applications is to improve the availability of the application by replicating the resources and files used; this includes creating multiple copies of the application across many nodes in the cloud. Replication improves availability through use of redundant resources, services, networks, file systems, and nodes, but also creates problems with respect to clients' ability to observe consistency as they are served from the multiple copies. Variability in data sizes, volumes, and the homogeneity and performance of the cloud components (disks, memory, networks, and processors) can impact scalability. Evaluating scalability is difficult, especially when there is a large degree of variability. That leads to the need to estimate how applications will scale on clouds based on probabilistic estimates of job load and performance. Scaling can have many different dimensions and properties. The emergence of low‐latency worldwide services and the desire to have higher fault tolerance and reliability has led to the design of geo‐distributed storage with replicas in multiple locations. At the end of this chapter, we consider scalability in terms of the issues involved with cloud services that are geo‐distributed and also study, as a case example, scalable geo‐distributed storage.

  • MPEG-4 Beyond Conventional Video Coding: Object Coding, Resilience, and Scalability

    An important merit of the MPEG-4 video standard is that it not only provided tools and algorithms for enhancing the compression efficiency of existing MPEG-2 and H.263 standards but also contributed key innovative solutions for new multimedia applications such as real-time video streaming to PCs and cell phones over Internet and wireless networks, interactive services, and multimedia access. Many of these solutions are currently used in practice or have been important stepping-stones for new standards and technologies. In this book, we do not aim at providing a complete reference for MPEG-4 video as many excellent references on the topic already exist. Instead, we focus on three topics that we believe formed key innovations of MPEG-4 video and that will continue to serve as an inspiration and basis for new, emerging standards, products, and technologies. The three topics highlighted in this book are object-based coding and scalability, Fine Granularity Scalability, and error resilience tools. This book is aimed at engineering students as well as professionals interested in learning about these MPEG-4 technologies for multimedia streaming and interaction. Finally, it is not aimed as a substitute or manual for the MPEG-4 standard, but rather as a tutorial focused on the principles and algorithms underlying it.

  • Scalability Challenges in Web Search Engines

    In this book, we aim to provide a fairly comprehensive overview of the scalability and efficiency challenges in large-scale web search engines. More specifically, we cover the issues involved in the design of three separate systems that are commonly available in every web-scale search engine: web crawling, indexing, and query processing systems. We present the performance challenges encountered in these systems and review a wide range of design alternatives employed as solution to these challenges, specifically focusing on algorithmic and architectural optimizations. We discuss the available optimizations at different computational granularities, ranging from a single computer node to a collection of data centers. We provide some hints to both the practitioners and theoreticians involved in the field about the way large- scale web search engines operate and the adopted design choices. Moreover, we survey the efficiency literature, providing pointers to a large number of relatively important research papers. Finally, we discuss some open research problems in the context of search engine efficiency.

  • Oracle-Based Application Performance and Scalability by Design

    This chapter contains sections titled: * Rapid Development Methodologies * Planning * Requirements Gathering * Conceptual Design via Data Modeling * Logical Design via Normalization * Physical Design * Implementation * Release To Market (RTM) * Continuous Improvements * Summary * Recommended Reading * Exercises ]]>

  • Oracle Indexing

    This chapter contains sections titled: * Rules of Thumb on Indexing * Creating and Using Ubiquitous b-Tree Indexes * Advanced Indexing Scheme I: Covering Indexes versus Index-Organized Tables * Advanced Indexing Scheme II: Function-Based Indexes (FBIs) * Unusual Indexing Scheme I: BITMAP Indexes * Unusual Indexing Scheme II: Reverse Key Indexes * Unusual Indexing Scheme III: Compressed Composite Indexes * How To Create Oracle Indexes * Summary * Recommended Reading * Exercises ]]>

  • Case Study: Covering Index

    This chapter contains sections titled: * Getting to Know the Application Architecture * Quantifying the Problems * Analyzing Bottlenecks * Applying Optimizations/Tunings * Verifying the Fixes * Moral of the Case Study * Recommended Reading * Exercises ]]>

  • Introduction

    This chapter contains sections titled: * Features of Oracle * Objectives * Conventions * Performance versus Scalability ]]>

  • Oracle 10g Memory Management

    This chapter contains sections titled: * SGA Sub-Areas * SGA Sizing: Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) * PGA Sizing: PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET * Summary * Recommended Reading * Exercises ]]>

  • Case Study: Performance Comparison of Heap-Organized Versus Index-Organized Tables

    This chapter contains sections titled: * Context * Conversion from Heap-Organized to Index-Organized * Creating Indexes * Creating Constraints * EXPLAIN PLANs * Oracle SQL Traces * Summary * Recommended Reading * Exercises ]]>

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